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Quantum 170 – Putin on the Woke West – including Russia, Sudan, Kenya, Japan, the US, India, the UK, Australia, China, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa,

On this weeks Quantum  we look at some Squid Games follow up, a great ‘Dad’ story from Louisiana;  the coup in Sudan; the Japanese royal wedding; a rapping priest and politicians in Kenya;  Jordan Peterson on Health Authoritarianism; the complexities of Climate Change;   the Reality of Heat pumps;  Boris Johnson’s Fantasies;  an incredible speech from Putin;  Quinten de Kock;  Apple and Olive Tree in China;  Hillsong and Celebrity;  the genius of Michael Madhusudhan Dutt; the banning of Michael Leunig, Bill Bailey on Australia; the ASK Podcast,  and Maureen Macleod.   (see also the links below)..

Quantum 169 – The Squid Game Special

Quantum 165 – It’s Not Easy Being Green – A Climate Change Special

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  1. The Climate Change scam may mean that Greta Thunberg and her lickspittle minions may in time ban any reference to coal and the people associated with it , a la slavery.

    Pity though .

    Polkemmet Colliery had a fine Pipe Band :

  2. Hi David,

    To categorically say that ‘heat power pumps’ don’t work on the basis of Mr Humphrys article in the newspapers about retrofitting one in his house is probably a little unwise.

    Heat pumps do work and are proven technology. The air source heat pump that warms my house works just fine and provides more than enough space heating and hot water all year round. The running costs are about the same as a typical gas boiler and may make sense for new build houses in areas where there is no existing piped gas supply.

    However as many have pointed out, to retrofit a heat pump in a house that has a traditional boiler is a very expensive proposition because, as well installing the heat pump, it necessitates changing all the radiators from normal high-temp/low-volume radiators to larger low-temp/high-volume ones.

    The electronic panel controlling these heating systems are rather complex and most domestic users would find them very difficult to understand and set up correctly. It is no longer as simple as just setting a thermostat and a time switch.


  3. The West must be in utterly dire straits if an ex-KGB goon like Putin has a firmer grasp on how to run a country justly and sensibly than the woke mob taking over the US.

    It is quite terrifying just how quickly “the ends justify the means” thinking is taking over as Christianity is pushed out of the public mindset. The idea that humans are basically good and don’t need any moral restraint or instruction from a higher authority is quite possibly the most dangerous lie ever told.

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