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Coffee with Job 50 – My Witness Part 2 – Intercessor and Friend

Job friends have offered him heartless advice – now he contrasts that with his real friend. The One who is his witness and his intercessor…

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  1. Brother again thank you for keeping up with this Job teaching. I for many years have thought that even as a Christian, God is somehow against me.
    But that is not true! The devil speaks today. He tells me that the God who made and redeemed me is somehow against me. As the “father-of-lies” what he says is not true and God’s word is true. So what does God’s word say to me?
    In Romans 8 it says to me that if God is for us, who can be against us?
    Does he mean we cannot have enemies. No of course not! He is saying if God is my Friend, as you say David, what comparison can be made with those whose work it is to be against me? They and their works are as nothing. All that they do is within and will always be constrained by God’s will and His hand as is true in the life of Job.
    Job has a Friend because he is God’s. He is in the presence of God all the time, good days and days of disasters. Good news and bad news does not change the friendship and the will and works of God for Job.
    And it is the same for each of us who believe Christ.
    Christ makes Himself even more obviously our Friend.
    Praise and worship such a God… Who is our Father and Friend.

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