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Coffee with Job 45 – God’s Gonna Cut You Down

Job 15:27-35 – The Bible goes deeper and darker – and yet offers hope. Conceiving Trouble and giving birth to evil….is this how humans are? What will happen to us? Is it true that God just wants to cut us down? How can justice come without destroying us? Is there any way to escape the Darkness?  Featuring a great Johnny Cash song….

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Here is the link to the full version of the Cash song  –

And the podcast – The ASK Podcast – Greg Sheridan on The Cross

Coffee with Job 44 – Bad Feelings


  1. The Johnny Cash version you give a link to is just one of many manifestations of what is an old folk song going back to about the 1930s. I would urge you also to watch the Marilyn Manson version. Not only is it at least on a par musically with the Johnny Cash version, the imagery in the video is far more challenging for us Christians. I believe Marilyn, in his own way, poses the same questions you do about about the meaning of God cutting us down.

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