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Coffee with Job 44 – Bad Feelings

Job 15:17-22 – Do we have bad feelings because we are bad? How do we cope with feelings that do not reflect the reality? Why do the wicked shake their fists at God?

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  1. Thank you David,
    Feeling bad or good, still look to Christ.
    Naked faith for those who are overwhelmed and sad and fearful and feeling “battered”
    I totally agree with you David when you say if you think that your spose does not love you because of something they have said or done toward you, remember that you are MARRIED. (Marriage has many benefits that are often forgotten.)
    I am married and so I am one with the one I married. There is a bond between us that love made through God the Father. I must never forget that. I must still love the one I am wed to.

    God loves better than that and His love is NEVER withdrawn even if I feel unloved I am being loved. My feelings are teaching me something. Forget yourself and trust God and love people.

    Thank you so much David you are feeding the flock… God is blessing you continually through Christ.

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