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Coffee with Job 42 – Angry Words

Ch 15 V.1-13 : Eliphaz returns – and this time the patient veneer has gone. In an outburst he accuses Job of using useless words and rejecting his gentle ones. How we speak and use words is so important….consider the one who spoke with grace and truth….

And on YouTube

Coffee with Job 41 – Moving Mountains



  1. Your series is so helpful. I’m dipping in and out and have found your comments so short, sharp and insightful. I loved what you said about social media. The problem is the human heart, tongue and the fingers that type. Keep going. These are great.

  2. I remember some primary school bible lessons , a long lost part of every Scottish child’s cultural literacy , and I think Jesus employed harsh words ( and even a whip ) to drive moneychangers from the Temple.

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