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Romans Road to Real Hope 8 – Being a Child of God

This week we look at v.14-16 – The great hope of being a Christian is that we are led by the Spirit of God, freed from the slavery of fear, adopted as God’s children and receiving the testimony of the Spirit…enjoy…

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  1. Hello could hear you perfectly well. So enjoying going through Romans with you and Job week days. Scotland is in need.

  2. “It’s God’s spirit within us who gives us the assurance about the word of God……….. ”

    All of which makes me wonder how it is that so many leading clerics, swathed in suffocating layers of academia, can so glibly cast doubt on the reliability and authority of scripture in order to accommodate the perversities of postmodern thinking.

  3. Excellent message David. May our precious Lord Jesus help us to remember this wonderful truth, and above all to live it. Every blessing!

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