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Coffee with Job

I used to be addicted to watching Gladys (the NSW Premier) and Dr Chant at 11 am.  It had become a kind of ritual until I realised that it was depressing me.  More cases, more laws, more depression and gloom – and little hope.  They are good people seeking to do a difficult job so I don’t blame them – but there is only so much doom and gloom you can take!  So I switched off.

And then all my engagements in Perth, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Canberra and Sydney were called off (it was going to be a busy month!).  So after doing the daily devotionals for Pray Australia I decided to just do a wee bit of bible teaching – every day at 11 – for 3-5 minutes.  Annabel has found the book of Job to be so helpful so the idea came for ‘Coffee with Job’ (I was going to call it Coffee, Covid and Christ!).

It goes live every day at 11am – but of course it remains on YouTube for you to watch whenever you want.  It’s simple, personal, biblical and I hope suitable for both Christians and non-Christians.   Feel free to join me if you want!   Subscribe to the YouTube channel and you will automatically get sent them every day).

Quantum 160 – Afghanistan


  1. As a Scotsman who remembers , with limited affection , a Scottish Sabbath , I marvel at the Presbyterian theological anticipation that presented God’s will as my lacking access to the Golf Club bar.

    On the other hand , of course , Christian theology has always been a moveable feast ( a golf club buffet is now available ) so the Club is , happily , proof of that.

  2. Looking forward to joining, David. Will get the Ash book. Thank you for sharing transparently… I wasn’t aware of your Dad’s passing. Praying for you both. N

  3. Looking forward to the rest of Job, but struggling with the sound volume. The contrast this morning with the addition of the film clip accentuated the fact that we are having to strain to hear your voice David. Can you help?

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