Ps 126 – Sowing in Tears, Reaping in Joy – Figtree Missions Week

Because of lockdown none of the events I was due to speak at in a very busy month is going ahead.  For example next week I was supposed to be going to Perth, but given today’s declaration from Premier Mark, it seems that Perth will not be open to people outside West Australia for another ten years (he just stated that he wouldn’t open up with 80% vaccination – he wants zero covid everywhere!).   Another place I was supposed to be at was Figtree church down on the South coast of NSW for their Missions week….I have spoken there before – at a men’s meeting.  It is a large and impressive church….

I recorded the sermon in the following service in the Botanic Gardens in Sydney.  It was quite funny that when we were filming we were approached by a security guard whose intention was obviously to move us on.  First we heard the loudspeaker telling people to move on and only to be in the Gardens for exercise.  As he approached I mentioned (as you will hear) that we would probably have to stop.  But something persuaded me to keep going.  He approached, stopped and listened to me finish the sermon.  I went to him immediately afterwards and apologised if we were filming wrongly (at that point I didn’t think it was).   He looked at my bible and said ‘do you believe that book?’ I replied ‘yes, sir…with all my heart… I was preaching Gods word for a church – not filming for an advert or anything else”.  He looked at me, smiled and said, ‘carry on, brother!’.

Here is the whole service – which is well worth listening to (the sermon is from about 30 minutes – looking at Psalm 126.

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  1. Haven’t listened to the sermon yet…but was so delighted to read of your conversation with the security guard. That in itself cheered the heart! Not what I was expecting to read. “carry on, brother” 🙏❤️

  2. Sorry to hear this about lockdown David. Time will tell I guess on what governments have taken the better approach. With things opening up again in Scotland, I wouldn’t wish lockdown on anyone unless it was absolutely necessary.

    1. Herd immunity is not going to happen with Delta – as the Swedes admit. Their aim is to keep the economy open and have low hospitalisations and deaths. They are succeeding.

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