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Paradise Lost – A Fool’s Paradise.

Last night I had the privilege of addressing, and discussing with, a group of business people in the CBD in Sydney on the subject of ‘Can democracy survive in Australia without Christianity?”.   I won’t say any more than it was a pleasure to be able to share in this way – several people commented that they had not considered things from this perspective (this was not a Christian meeting).    This was not recorded, nor was it public – so I won’t post anything here.  However here is something similar that I did in Canberra to a group of lawyers.

The battle is real – and there are many Christians who are involved.   We have a great opportunity to present some realistic hope for a society that is increasingly confused and chaotic.   I find, in general, that people here in these positions, are more open than I found in Scotland.   Or at least the message is more welcome here!   The video here is about 40 minutes….as usual the most interesting part is the Q and A….

We look especially at the rule of law and its foundation in Christianity (focusing on the Magna Carta)….Professor Nick Arony from Brisbane graciously responded.


The End of Law in Australia? – AP



  1. Why would you think democratic societies would somehow collapse if/when we finally arrive at the demise of Christianity (and one can hope all of the major religions)

    Christianity never prevented communism, or fascism or any brutal dictatorship. Furthermore, it is a fact that Christianity and the bible have been used as excuses to justify any number of horrific episodes in our chequered past, including Apartheid here in my country. As I am sure you are aware.

    Remember, while there may be grounds to claim – by people such as Holland – that Western Society/democracy owes a debt to Christianity, the foundation of your religion is belief in, and acceptance of, the notion that all humanity are sinners and require salvation from your god, Jesus of Nazareth.

    Let’s face it, David, other than those who are wilfully ignorant or fully indoctrinated to abandon critical thinking, and those who have a belief in belief, nobody genuinely accepts such nonsense anymore, and if this aspect of Christianity were pushed to the fore and the Or else aspect of Heaven or Hell were emphasised as the core doctrine of Christianity – which of course it is, then most people would simply shake their heads and ignore it.

    People can learn to live and love without religion and there are plenty of examples where we are doing just that!

    1. Communism, fascism and brutal dictatorships are what happens when you reject Christianity. All human beings are sinners. Christians not only accept but practice critical thinking – it seems to be in short supply in your fundamentalist philosophy! Feel free to tell us of the societies that are doing fine without religion.

      1. An interesting question which may be ethnically modified thus :

        Which European societies are doing fine without religion ?

        As we say in Scotland , ” damn few and they’re ‘aw deid “.

        The social utility of Religion is well – established , especially for the classes in Society who cannot , without hope of post – mortem reward , govern their anti – social appetites. .

        It really does not matter if your Deity is from the Middle East .

        As for the Asian countries not reached by Christianity’s Jewish Heresy , China is now post – Covid .

        Obviously the Devil looks after His own.

      2. Several societies have rejected Christianity, not necessarily overtly, but rather in a gradual move toward secular humanism.
        Even the UK is moving in this direction.

        Of these that have , none that I am aware of are currently fascist, communist or brutal dictatorships.

  2. Or , to borrow the parlance of teenagers :

    “You got HUGE Democracy and Christianity deficit , Mr China Panda ?”

    ” Naah , I’m kickin’ back and chillin , we good over here “.

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