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The Kitchen Table 35 – Are You A Communist? 

The Kitchen Table 35 – Are You A Communist?

Communism seems to be back in fashion, but why? Is the answer to the far right the extreme left? Why is it more acceptable to be a communist than a fascist, and how does the Bible relate to the ideas put forth by Karl Marx?

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  1. I think Jesus was a sort-of ”communist”, and it seems the first few bands of followers of The Way were also.
    Of course, Constantine changed all this!

    1. I’ve heard the argument made that Jesus was a socialist and it being about inverting the hierarchy of power made. Of course an argument can be made for Jesus being a capitalist wiht the principle of if you don’t work, you don’t eat.

      It’s not unusual for someone to argue that Jesus is the same as they are. And along with the conversion of Constantine came a change from Christians being persecuted to there being a link between Christianity and the state which of course meant Roman dominion and elements of oppression creeping into Christianity which had nothing to do wiht its founder.

    2. Well, well. We’ve had many years (centuries) of Constantine being blamed for undermining the “original purity” of the Church (to which Luther and Calvin, etc,”thankfully” restored it) from certain sections of Christianity but now we have a non-Christian attempting to do the same. Wonders to behold. Where do these people get all this stuff about Constantine from? We know that King Arthur was something of a legend. Ditto Robin Hood. Ditto el Cid. Constantine (or at least some people’s version) can safely join that group.

  2. In the 70’s it was punk rock. But John Lydon now says all of that was rhetoric and he didn’t mean any of it e.g. about anarchy. Perhaps him benefiting from capitalism put that to bed.

    However there is a difference. What the sex pistols did in the 70s was anti-establishment and they were heavily criticised for it. Now with “progressive” culture (which in reality is a combination of Marxism and 20th century French philosophy with deconstctionism) it is more in line with the establishment. And when people are cancelled for their views in this so -called tolerant, diverse and inclusive society it is about mob rule where the few that dare to be different are persecuted.

    So yes it is rather strange that there is less concern about communism than fascism. Perhaps it is because fascism in the form of Hitler’s Germany has been closer to home with us joining forces with Russia to defeat it? And with China dominating, it comes not without risk to be critical of communism whereas there may be a greater welcome to criticism of fascism?

  3. Here in the US some people label anyone who isn’t sufficiently loyal to the Trump Family as a “communist” – often people who have no problem at all with capitalism.

    There also seem to be a lot of “progressive” younger folk who actually just want the same access to healthcare and education that their parents had when they were their age who are branded “communist” for complaining about poor wages, cost of living and cost of healthcare/education.

  4. Hey David, is it possible to get the Kitchen Table onto a Podcast as well as YouTube? Its honestly not a reflection on your or Stephens good looks… 🙂 the audio format just works better for some people as it means your not tied to the screen to listen.

  5. Communism, an irreligious religion, was Marx’s Reformation of Christianity .

    Marx excised the supernatural element and did away with the Christians’ compound deity .

    What remained was the poisonous , egalitarian, Liberal legacy of an obsolete religion, as evidenced by the current Communist Pope whose Liberation Theology and Social Gospel dovetail nicely with neo – Marxist nonsense.

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