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The Kitchen Table 32 – Judgement Day

This weeks Kitchen Table has a great song for a great subject – Judgement Day – Two weeks ago we asked “What is time?” Then last week “What is life?” Now we ask “What happens to us when we die?” The Bible says it is appointed to human beings once to die and after that to face judgement. What does that mean?

Here is the video of the full song….

The Kitchen Table 31 – The Secret of Life


  1. Really good review of the subject of judgment as good news. Years ago (think early 70s) when I was in missionary training (All Nations Christian College) a student from Brazil prayed quite fervently in morning prayers for God’s wrath to fall on the military junta that was then in power there. In an comment afterwards we were reminded that this was a perfectly biblical prayer. Having served in a number of countries since I can only say that this prayer for condemnation has been an active hope for believers – that the books will be balanced.

    Back here in the west, there is however a danger that we project the world’s evils on to abstractions such as systemic evil in ‘the system’ as espoused in some Christian circles not admitting that ‘systems’ are us. Let’s each hold fast to the reality of the ‘plagues one’s own heart’ (I Kgs.8:38 ‘plagues’ being so much stronger than the NIV’s ‘afflictions’) and freely acknowledge our accountability in the sins of day to day life.

    I’m now 74 (a believer for 60) and I think age gives one a perspective on one’s culpabilities and yet brought to one’s mind by a gracious movement of the Spirit rather than Satan’s accusing ‘gotcha!’. It’s also an age when one knows that one’s meeting with the Lord is closer then ever.

    PS You guys must have a special dispensation of grace to sit through the Mike Mitzo’s song – I lasted about 45 seconds. I’m probably missing a gene or something!

  2. Dear David, I have always been curious about Hebrews 9:27. Are we judged immediately after death (separated from the body) or on the last day (body and soul together)? Thanks for your blogs. Always find them rewarding.

    1. I don’t know. I think it is on the last day – on judgement day when body and soul are reunited. But I’m not sure we will be aware of any difference in time.

  3. Thank you Dadid,

    Really enjoyed this today and found it comforting. I’ll leave you to be the judge of why that has been my response ;). I will admit it was Terminator 2 that came to my mind so does that mean I discriminate against blues music? haha.

    Seriously though yeah there is the good deeds being filthy rags. But there also is the faith without works being dead faith. Perhaps wiht Martin Luther’s “justification by faith” there has been an influence in protestant churches to devalue works? The “good and faithful servant” is not the one that goes to Jesus talking about what they have done in his name but the one who quietly gets on wiht things it seems. St Francis of Assis advocated preaching the gospel at all times and when necessary using words and there is a scripture voice about silencing the foolish and ignorant by doing good. So action speaks louder than words it seems, at leas in some occasions.

    Yes I was saddened to, to hear of another Christina leader’s “fall from grace”. I assume you are alluding to Ravi Zachirias No doubt there will be some rubbing their hands at this revelation. But I wonder if we should “judge”. I imagine there are temptations for anyone with such a high profile experience that are not present for us lesser mortals.

    So yeah it’s a tricky one wiht judgement hey? Jesus says not to judge because by the measure you judge, you will also be judged. On the other hand there is scripture that talks of the spiritual person judging all things and not being subject to human judgement. So much easier to think of yourself as spiritual and someone else “wrong” hey?

    And yes I think you are right Davis for anyone not “clothed” in the righteousness of Jesus
    the “day of the Lord”, of being judged by Jesus must be a terrifying thought. As Solzhenitsyn in his Gulag Archipelago says if only people could be divided into good and bad , bad people could be dispensed with. But the line between good and evil is drawn down every human heart and what person would cut out a piece of his heart? so in that sense everyone on the planet is part good part evil, part oppressed, part oppressor and what differentiates between individuals is not one being good and another bad but the amount of good our bad that is manifest.

    So yes for all of us, it is a scary thing – the thought of being Judged by Jesus! Steve is right on this!
    And then he goes on t talk about the external and internal matching. Well yes of course doing that will lessen the harshness of judgement when facing Jesus. But also in the here and now has benefits with a sense of security, peace being comfortable in your own skin, love etc.

    Who wouldn’t want that?

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