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Janet Parshall Show – Turkey, Armenia, New Zealand, Diversity and Intolerance, Worship in Covid,

This months Janet Parshall show – you can listen to it here..

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The programme went a direction that we had not planned – we ended up discussing Turkey, New Zealand, Intolerance, Covid and worship, when is it necessary to disobey government? .and the impact of Covid on the churches….

Janet Parshall Show – Chalke and Complementarianism




  1. Diversity is lauded and Intolerance receives some critique here , at the start of which we should be amazed to note that the pressured unsure child ” has learned to do something to make himself happy ” :

    The late occultist , Aleister Crowley, described his very similar and singular rule for Satanism thus : ” Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”.

    Crowley was feared in my great great grandfather’s home village of Foyers. The local butcher was said to have crossed Crowley and, despite thirty years of charcuterie experience , nicked an artery and bled to death. Of course , Kelpies from Loch Ness featured in occasional discourse at that religiously observant time.

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