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Quantum 102 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This weeks Quantum deals with the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in today’s news and culture.

Ennio Morricone

The UK firm being employed as China’s propaganda tool for Hong Kong

  President Kanye –


The Madness –


We stand with #Asexual people, they are valid and welcome. Asexuals are part of the “plus” in #LGBT+ and are an accepted part of our community. Some asexual people use #Ace for brevity. #PrideMonth

Massachusetts  and other states recognise polygamy

Why should we believe in any kind of reality?


The State of California has voted to end anti-discrimination. 

Psalm of Life –


White PrivilegeThis chilling and depressing programme from the BBC shows how insane the elites  have become in the UK

The Hagia Sofia is to be turned into a mosque


We also look at an enlightening discussion about God, religion and suffering on the God Forbidprogramme.

We also look at how Victoria has become the worst state in Australia for Covid 19 transmission.

And we end with this wonderful rendition of Sir James Macmillan’s O Radiant Dawn.

Quantum 101 – Cancel Culture

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  1. Yes David, blame BLM, blame your so-called ‘Comrade’ Dan but what are your actual sources for your comments on the Covid 19 situation in Victoria?

      1. David, your references to the BLM march and Dan Andrews are really too general to be helpful. What were your _actual_ sources please. Which news media, which journalists?

      2. Thats not how it works. I dont’ provide academic references for every sentence I write – unless I am writing an academic paper. In terms of the general question – I read the SMH, the Australian, ABC, Guardian, the Telegraph (UK), the BBC, the Spectator, the Internet – plus numerous sources on the ground. But you still haven’t said which comments you actually disagree with and find false – if you do deign to answer that I assume you will evidence every opinion you state?!

  2. These desperate days you might have added Mad to the title’s triptych :

    “A time is coming when men will go mad , and when they see someone who is not mad , they will attack him , saying : ” You are mad ; you are not like us .”

    St Anthony the Great.

  3. Reality – “a majority – particles are non-binary… why should believe any kind of reality”. Well, isn’t this a recycling of Nietzsche with both his “god is dead”, on one hand. And given that “any kind of reality” is up for question the very statement that “particles are not binary” is a reality which also can be deconstructed on the other hand. Therefore isn’t his apologetic against “preachers of equality” also worth consideration? “You preachers of equality, the tyrannomania of impotence clamors thus out of you for equality: your most secret ambitions to be tyrants thus shroud themselves in words of virtue.” Of course Nietzsche went mad for the last 10 years of his life.

    So has the world gone mad – or has it always been mad and this “non-binary” just a present manifestation of it?

    2+2=4 – Britney Marshal claiming it to be cultural and because of western imperialism we think of it as normal with maths being racist? Yup 1984. In the clip is was a case of “anything you like only please stop it – stop the pain”. So then we get to the issue of suffering and it being ” your own deed, your own karma” is indeed harsh whereas the “Christian” response in the clip being banal.

    “Inter-sectional feminism” – OK so the assumption with this is that if you are white and male your are an oppressor – always. If white and female, sometimes oppressor, sometimes oppressed and black and female always oppressed. OK then why stop there, why not break it also down by profession middle class/working class, European / African ability/disability or any other endless list of where there can be difference. Of course this is a form of Marxism and while the feminist ideals of equality are in keeping with what is good with the basic human right of all being born equal and with dignity it would take someone who is lacking in discernment to claim that this is where feminism is at now.

    It seems, as with other movements to be perpetuated by a portion of the white middle class to “other” people who are also white and middle class and manipulate to that aim. Of course it is pernicious and results in division and polemical adversity with offering little to provide any real release from oppression.

    And in white male working class environments this is dangerous, making the extreme right attractive to a not insignificant number who experience perceived or actual disenfranchisement.

    So, what does it mean to be “up and doing” as you advocate? Well the reality is that suffering is a part of life – self evidently. ( I would love to see someone try to argue why we should believe otherwise). OK so since suffering is reality, what is there to stop us either becoming bitter and resentful about that, or from going insane with hopelessness about it?

    The only way I know for sure is to share the sufferings of Christ and to know his resurrection power. To have hope in this, and to believe this as being reality. Then of course to face the pain of rejection, being considered deluded at best and dangerous at worst – being considered a “fool” in either case. That’s OK the “fool” in Shakespeare was akin to the court jester in medieval times who in the kings court was the only one allowed to tell the truth. Of course it came with an occupational hazard – that the king might not like what he hears with there being consequences for the court jester.

    So there is a cost to weight up with this.

  4. Oh my, That Stay at home Choir are wonderful . No . Wonderful cannot describe it , you have to really listen , and if you cannot hear the choir in all its beautiful reality , then you are in a pitiful depth of denial, or you are dead !

    1. It is an issue because it the change marks the official demise of secular Turkey and the defeat of the Donmeh , Kemal Ataturk’s post Ottoman revolution.

      1. Really? Has such an official statement been made by Erdogan, or even an allusion to this?

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