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Quantum 103 – Challenging the Culture – Covid, Craziness and Charlton

This weeks Quantum looks at Covid, Slavery,  Jack Charlton, the Bothy Band, China and Corporate Censorship, DIY pregnancy, Mahalia Jackson, Giles Fraser on Cancel Culture, Teacher indoctrination, David Hume Tower, Pink Floyd and the riches of Hinduism.

Here are some of the links…

Slavery in the UK – 

Jack Charlton –


 Album no. 9– Out of the Wind into the Fire – 


China and Corporates censorship

People with a Cervix

Amazing Grace and Cancel Culture –


Giles Fraser –

Cancelling David Hume Tower

Religion and money – The Hindu temple with $20 billion in gold and diamonds

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  1. That’s interesting about the 100,000 slaves in the UK with hard labour, domestic servitude, crime and prostitution as a way of paying for passage. What would it be like if the energy was turned from talking about the “sins of the fathers” with the slave trade to the US that nothing can be done about and used to address this modern from of slavery. Of course BLM treats some black lives as mattering more than other black lives with the taking of the knee with Qatar and political posturing so that the brand is not adversely affected.

    OK there seemed to be an element of fatalism with “cancel culture makes liars of all of us”. Surely a better way to put it is that cancel culture makes the consequences of telling the truth more severe? And then its up to us either to lie or to tell the truth, shame the devil and take the consequences for that? The only power cancel culture has against anything good is lies. Truth is forthcoming sooner or later and love never fails. So while I get the claim that it makes lies of all of us for rhetorical effect, the truth is that we have a choice about this and it is not inevitable. And even if we are “cancelled” we have someone that has gone before us and known death and resurrection. And if we are “in Christ” we too shall share in his sufferings and know his resurrection power. “From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success” as the song goes in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. So what is there to fear?

    And so to “how about telling them to get lost… to grow up”. How many times in college have I wanted to say this – but the rules are different now. It used to be that when you were bullied in school, the way of dealing it was with telling the bully you would see them after school, and at the local park give them a punch on the nose. Doesn’t work now – you have to “box clever”. And to my surprise I have found that the Equality Diversity and Inclusion team at college supportive in addressing any inappropriate conduct as well as the Student’s Association in running a workshop to do with respect. So old dogs like us David need to learn new tricks and that’s how we engage without tearing our hair out.

    And both of us have precious little left to tear out ;).

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