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This coming Monday I am taking part in a new venture in St Thomas’s  – one that I hope will bring blessing to many people and perhaps one that other churches could follow.  It’s an idea I had a few weeks ago and amazingly to me, St T’s agreed to run with it (this is a new experience for me – churches agreeing to try some of my ideas!).    None of us have done it before – most of us don’t know what it is – or how it should run – or what it will look that.  We can’t guarantee success – but we are going to have a go!

The idea is simple.   In the old days we went to a Cyber Cafe to get onto the Internet.  Today everyone (almost) is on the Internet.  But many know very little about Christ.  So we are going to have this cyber cafe to bring Christ to people. It’s an online version of what we started doing with Solas   Quench – Coffee Shop Evangelism

It will be live – Mondays 7-8pm.  It will be an actual cafe with about 20 people.  There will be live music, coffee, chat, interesting guests and lots of interaction, Q and A etc.   It will be a kind of cross between a chat show and Questiontime!  People will be able to come online, observe and participate.   It will be recorded and then made available for others to watch.


We have a good team who have been working hard for the first one  – Monday the 15th of June.  Our first guest is the wonderful historianSarah Irving-Stonebreaker

12819780275926-FINAL-01But the thing I am most excited about is the subject of each evening.  I was thinking of doing some apologetic subjects, or cultural issues, or testimonies.   But then it struck me why not just go straight to the centre – we wanted to call it the Hope cafe – but where does hope come from?  Christ.  But people don’t know Christ.  So we decided that each week we would take a different chapter of Magnificent Obsession and use it to are Christ and his word.

We start with Jesus, the man.   Did he really exist?  How do we know?  Was it the historical evidence?  Can we trust the Gospels?  What does it matter?   “Let me at the truth that will refresh my broken mind”.

If you are in Sydney and would like to come then I’m afraid because of the restrictions you will have to write me and apply – david.robertson@st-thomas.org.au   – Otherwise you can join us online here – or catch up later.   If you can’t make it this Monday we hope to do this for the following nine….

Most of all you can pray if you are a Christian….and if you are not – why not come and find out more…

See you on Monday…


Quantum 98 – American Police; Statues; Cancel Culture; Stella Creasy; Ben and Jerrys; JK Rowling; India and China; Bob Dylan; Tim Keller; The Irish Blessing


  1. Just watching this now. And it’s fascinating. The song by Johnny Cash – Personal Jesus I instantly recognized it as it was covered by Depeche Mode. Sarah’s story though was quite a journey from disbelief to belief. she achieved so much yet still felt empty on the inside. And yes… my life too would be empty without Jesus too.


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