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Christianity and Sexual Freedom – The Kitchen Table

This weeks kitchen table discusses a fascinating insight from Tom Holland into how the MeToo movement is really a cry for a return to Puritanism!


Tom Holland – What Good and How Unique is Christianity?

We also mentions the Handmaids Tale 

The Good Society? A Discussion on The Handmaid’s Tale

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  1. Dear David,

    Your talk about this brings back to mind for me a Ch4 documentary looking at the sexual revolution, concluding that freedom to do anything is no freedom at all.

    Tom Holland is interesting with his claim that the Me Too movement is akin to a Puritan approach to sex. I’m not sure about that. I think yes, protection against women being sexually abused, clearly. And when we do what helps women thrive, men thrive too so women’s protection benefits everyone.

    Of course there are two sides to this particular coin with teaching women’s authority over men – also a Greco-Roman thing with the worship of the pagan god Diana. So while it is “woke” to be “feminist” there also is the danger of the teaching that goes along with ideological possession that everything that is wrong in society is characterised by “toxic masculinity” while much of life is about men and women cooperating with one another with challenges and difficulties.

    The pernicious ideology is a bad thing to teach women and a terrible thing to inflict upon men.

    So the “Christian” approach surely must be to address/confront slavery to this as well.

    kind regards,


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