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Quantum 79 – Includes..Auschwitz, Dolly Parton, Huawei, Giles Fraser, What is Woman?, Franklin Graham, March for Life, Paula White, Parsons and Bryant, Folau and Williams, Brexit

This weeks Quantum 79 :

1) Coronavirus – Hong Kong Stocks….and 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz – 


2) Dolly Parton


3) Huawei –

4) BBC Radio Today – Thought for the Day –

5) Further down the Trans rabbit hole – 

 6)Franklin Graham

The Brave New World of Patrick Harvie and the Tired Old World of Franklin Graham

7) Donald Trump – March for Life –


8) Paula White

(9) Netflix

10 ) Two deaths – Nicholas Parsons and Kobe Bryant


10) Israel Folau and Sonny Bill Williams –

11) Brexit….

Jesus Paid it all…

Quote of the week…

“Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it”…George Orwell

Quantum 78 – The One with Jess , Fox, China, David Attenborough, Cressida Dick, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Nicola Sturgeon, Cindy Jacobs, Firmino, Margaret Court, Terry Jones, and Leonard Cohen








  1. Should we define a woman as a ‘man with a womb’ perhaps? I guess the clue is in the name.

  2. Re Scientology’s Founder , L.Ron Hubbard :

    A biography by Russell Miller , viz., ” Bare Faced Messiah” is so outlandishly fantastical as to almost occasion admiration. The Yiddish word , ‘Chutzpah’ is insufficient to meet the case.

    My best Kindle download of the week.

  3. Great quote from Orwell. Thanks for keeping the blogging going. I don’t know where you get the energy not just to write, though that takes energy, but to keep your finger on the pulse and then combat it.

    Make sure you get some rest to recharge. Though, as you’ve been doing this for years, I guess you have learned how to pace yourself.

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