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Quantum 75 – Predictions for 2020

Welcome to 2020 – here are Quantum’s predictions for the year…

  • President Trump will be reelected.
  • Britain will leave the EU – and little will change.
  • The decline in the Church in the West will continue.


A time for optimism –

You can check the accuracy of last years predictions here-

Quantum 74 – The End of Year Review – with Greta, Brexit, Boris, Trans, Woke, China, Trump, France, Story of the Year, and Peat ‘n’ Diesel

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  1. Happy New Year David—our prayers here continue for those affected by the fires in Australia—and that the flames will be extinguished soon!
    Thank you always for your wisdom and teachings.

  2. I try (amidst all the noise) to follow geopolitical developments believing that Christians need to be ‘situationally aware’. Jesus told his followers to “Watch”.
    However sometime ago I looked back at the respected Economist magazine’s ‘predictions’ for the year 2001. There was no mention in the 162-page analysis of two aircraft flying into New York’s twin towers.
    To round off every ‘take’ on what the year before us may hold; to every best guess and assumption, there needs to be added two words: ‘But God!’ And even the Lord can change His mind (Jer 18:7-10).

  3. 1. What do you mean by saying that “Climate change is real”? The climate varies, and the weather is, fortunately, always changing. But some of the argument is over whether and how much it is affected by humans. You’re right, however, regarding the hysteria around it.
    2. Trans: I hope you’re right, but I don’t hold much hope of things changing as soon as this year.
    4. Anti-semitism was rearing its ugly head in Australia a few years ago, but there hasn’t been much in the news about it lately.
    5. Trump: I don’t see the problem, in principle, with Christian leaders saying that a particular political choice is better than the other(s). Trump has been impeached, but he will stay in office (as did Clinton).
    9. One of the problems is using the term ‘euthanasia’, rather than ‘suicide’, which is what it is. The same people who are in favour of euthanasia are against suicide, but don’t see the connection. Ageism is probably a factor in it too.
    10. One factor might be that Australian churches have probably had more exposure (per capita) than any other country to the idea that the Bible is reliable from the very first verse, thanks to the Australian-grown creationist group Creation Ministries International.

  4. Thanks for sharing with us so generously at Belgrave this last week, in not only the sessions, but also the extras too. Hope your voice recovers quickly!

  5. Could I talk about the UK election result and the massive majority obtained by Boris with Labour losing most of its heartland constituencies. I emphasise that I am not being political in this (I did not vote for him – I voted tactically). But reading many of the sensible commentators (and some of the not so sensible ones) it seems clear that there has been a massive rejection of the elite metropolitan liberal values which have been pushed on society by the “cultural leaders” as David describes them. The car crash of the Lib Dem’s election campaign is a perfect example of this.

    Ordinary people are fed up with being told what to believe, and that 2+2=5, and if you don’t accept this then you are a hateful phobic person.

    But sadly identity politics, post-modernism and victim hood / intersectionality has gripped many of our younger adults who tended to vote for Corbyn.

    So whether or not this rejection of liberalism will result in an openness to the gospel remains to be seen. I pray that it will.

  6. A few days ago I would have agreed about the Trump re-election prediction. However, the latest American foolishness puts that in doubt.

    US forces kileld thirty two Iraqi sldiers, and enraged Iraqis invaded the US Embassy in Baghdad. Nobody was hurt, but this was blamed on the Iranians, without a shred of supporting evidence and presented as an invasion which needed to be met with a savage response. Cue the assassination of Qasem Soleimani, leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, apparently the most evil man in the world.

    On sunday in the Iraqi parliament, the prime minsiter of Iraq revealed that Presient Trump had asked him to mediate the dispute betwen US/Saudi arabia on the one hand, and Iran. Soleimani duly arrives in Baghdad to talk and is immediately wiped off the face of the earth by a reaper drone. Treachery of the highest order (and deputy commander of the Iraqi forces killed alongside Soleimani).

    The Iraqi parliament votes that US troops should get out, but Trump says “No.” It looks like the US will now be at war with Iraq AND Iran. it looks like DJT is going to fulfil his promise of bringing home those boys and girls, but in body bags.

    I think your prediction of continued decline of the western church is correct, but mainly because US evangelicals continue to support every aggressive action of US forces in the middle east. Franklin Graham (for example) was tweeting his support for the death of Soleimani within hours. it seems to me that evangelical leaders over the last thirty years (since the collapse of the soviet Union) have been much more inspired by Pentagon briefing notes than by biblical thinking. A similar realisation came over Brits at the end of World War One, and the Church in these Isles has never recovered.

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