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Quantum 74 – The End of Year Review – with Greta, Brexit, Boris, Trans, Woke, China, Trump, France, Story of the Year, and Peat ‘n’ Diesel

This is the final Quantum of 2019….so it’s a review of the most important stories…enjoy…

1) Australia’s burning and Greta’s speech –

2) Brexit and Boris’s –

3) The Trans Madness intensified….

Julie Bindal –

4) The Year of Woke –

Woke sentencing –

5) China and Hong Kong – 


Christmas card –

6) The US and President Trump – 


7) Persecution of Christians

8) France burns –  


9) Notre Dame Burns…-

10) Best Story of the year –

Song of the Year – Peat and Diesel


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  1. The continued aptness of the application of fitness: lessons from the past, pertinent to the present, from Trump to Johnson, as far as the east is from west.
    ” although Charles 11 may have been less fit than Charles 1 morally speaking, he was arguably more fit to be a king,” Restoration: Charles 11 and his Kingdoms (1660-1685)by Tim Harris
    Taken from a lecture by Dr Richard Turnbull – Oppression and Toleration- Nov 2019 Christian Institute
    Again, from the same lecture,
    ” ineffectiveness of all former attempts and design to destroy the gospel. You know what endeavours of old there has been to darken the sun, to put out the light of heaven, in the Marian dayes, and in other days since then; and yet it has defied prisons, racks, flames, pillories, or anything elase to extinguishthe glory of it.”
    Thomas Brooks, quoted by Lee Gatiss, The great Ejection, p32

  2. Windmills do kill birds. Quite a lot. We have a similar problem in Australia. This was brought to my attention by the former Green’s leader Bob Brown. Certainly no friend of the fossil fuel industry. Nevertheless his concern for the Wedge Tailed Eagle being killed lead to him questioning if not outright opposing wind power.

    The construction of windmills will also certainly create emissions. Whether those emissions are greater than other power sources I don’t know. And I still don’t. It turns out that calling Trump an idiot (for agreeing with Brown) who should be impeached for Ukraine is a poor substitute for facts.

    I’ve listened to your content for years – quite the fan – especially because you challenge my perspective. Please present reasoned argument rather than resort to calling names. If Trump has been bad for the church because church leaders have fallen in line – that’s on the church – not Trump.

    1. Thanks Josh….I was not referring to the fact that windmills kill birds or that creating windmills uses energy. The reasoned argument here is just simply to listen to Trump’s speech…its rambling nonsense and hyperbolic arrogance…noone has studied or knows as much about windmills as him! It is incredibly worrying not just that he is the President (and Hillary would have been worse in my view) but more so that so many Christians regard him as our champion. Thanks for your remarks…

      1. Donald Trump may be ignorant in certain areas, but he certainly doesn’t lack intelligence as David suggests.

        I seriously doubt that Trump’s speech was meant to be a reasoned argument. He was being hyperbolic, but intentionally so. I think he was just poking fun at defenders of wind farms.

        While many Christians seem to be critical of Trump I just wish occasionally they would recognise the tremendous stand he has taken on the sanctity of life. In that area he is certainly a champion.

      2. Trump did not say that noone has studied or knows as much about windmills as him. His actual words, according to both the official transcript of his talk, and the transcript that the left-leaning Snopes did, were “I’ve studied it better than anybody I know.” (my emphasis).

        As for being the champion of Christians, he has done a number of things that help Christians. See and

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