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Quantum 70 – the one with the Chief Rabbi; Climate Change; Hong Kong, The Democrats and Downs; Donald Macleod; Christine Jardine; The Archbishop and Abortion; Game of Thrones; Electric Cars; Kanye

This weeks Quantum…

We look at the astonishing intervention of the Chief Rabbi, Hong Kong and Climate Change.


Then there is the sad tale of the Democratic governorwho vetos a bill on killing Downs babies and the Archbishop of Canterburysupporting exclusion zones around abortion clinics.

Google and Apple ban an app because it cites John 3:16 and is of ‘no lasting value’!

Not to be outdone Facebook have banned Prof Donald Macleod for writing this article on gender and censorship!

Meanwhile Christine Jardine, the Lib-Dem spokesperson admits she would let biological men into women’s refuges.   And ‘transracialism’gets a boost…

Why do Christians watch Game of Thrones?  The actress Emilia Clark explains the trauma of filming the rape scenes in this series.


And some astonishing news about electrics cars – they cause more emissions than diesel cars…As this report in the Guardian shows.


We end with the outreach using Kanye in Paramatta cathederal..

And since we are on a Gary Numan theme….


The quote of the week – which political leader does this best describe….?

George Orwell – Animal Farm.

“Friend of fatherless!

Fountain of happiness!

Lord of the swill-bucket!

Oh, how my soul is on

Fire when I gaze at thy

Calm and commanding eye,

Like the sun in the sky,

Comrade Napoleon!

Thou art the giver of

All that thy creatures love,

Full belly twice a day, clean straw to roll upon;

Every beast big and small

Sleeps at peace in his stall,

Thou watchest over all,

Comrade Napoleon!

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  1. What is antisemitism anyway? How is it defined, and does everybody agree with the ‘established’ definition? There seems to be some confusion, so I’m not surprised Mr Corbyn is reluctant to apologise for what might not even be antisemitism in the first place. But he would be dropped on from a great height if he were to say that.

    1. You can research this in a library or online. The prejudice & hatred against the Jewish people is what anti-semitism is and it is so old–been around so long–that it is ancient. The most extreme version of this is THE HOLOCAUST. Hitler’s propaganda pushed the German people to despise the Jewish people with the purpose of having a pure & perfect race. You can read about this by visiting a library or ordering books online. The late author Leon Uris has written two books I’ve read titled Mila 18 and the second book is QB VII. These books describe the atrocities that did occur during WWII. It is very sad that this is continuing. Israel is protected by the USA. We stand with them & always will. Why? Because it is the right thing to do & here’s another plus: Anytime anyone attacks Israel, there is a consequence. That is God’s country! Israel is His. The Jewish people are His. Jesus Christ came to Earth as an infant to have the human experience. His teachings began in adulthood. And what did the people do? Just as it was prophesied~ They killed Him. In the Bible Jesus says, “Tear down this Temple and I will build it back up in three days.” He was referring to the crucifiction and the FACT that he would rise from the dead. His Resurrection is what has saved all of us if we repent our sins & declare that He is the Son of God, that He died for our sins, and rose again. He ascended to Heaven & He sits on the right side of His Heavenly Father, God.

  2. Excellent point regarding the electric car debacle – and especially the production of the batteries. This was highlighted years ago on an episode of Top Gear.
    One way to go is to (eventually) fuel cars using hydrogen, which was also featured on an episode of Top Gear.
    Series 12 ep. 7
    A lot of ill-informed nonsense out there, David and self-interest as well, no doubt!

    Toyota have already manufactured a car that runs on hydrogen – Honda FCX Clarity – and there are petrol stations ( Initially in California) that carry the fuel.

    Corbyn’s stance is more than unfortunate.There is a certain degree of irony however, when, notwithstanding the apologies from the church, one considers that antisemitism in Western culture originated within Christianity.

    It is utterly baffling to an atheist such as me how religion is able to generate such polarization and oft times outright hatred.

    Oh, and adopting a plant-based diet (vegan) would be beneficial for all concerned. Especially the animals, of course!

    1. “It is utterly baffling to an atheist such as me how religion is able to generate such polarization and oft times outright hatred.”

      The thing is, Ark, we don’t actually know how much hatred and polarization there would be without religion because religion has always existed. Would antisemitism exist had Christianity not arisen? You bet it would.

      1. The thing is, Ark, we don’t actually know how much hatred and polarization there would be without religion because religion has always existed

        In democratic countries where religion is on the back foot and secular humanism is gaining ground, the sort of hatred that promoted the religio/political Troubles in Northern Ireland, Israeli/Arab conflicts, suicide bombings, 9/11 etc and all the religious wars throughout history may well eventually be a thing of the past.
        Definitely something to look forward to don’t you agree?

        According to the history, there may have been some antisemitism before Christianity, but it was Christianity that really took it on board and with people such as Martin Luther and the Christ Killers label developed it to the levels of hatred that resulted in the Holocaust and beyond. It would be a brave person who would deny that such antisemitism has endured primarily because of Christianity.

  3. Could you please explain why you’re so certain that Labour is “institutionally antisemitic”? If that’s the case, it’s obviously indefensible – but despite the endless claims of this all over the press, I’ve not seen good evidence. We seem to be expected to take it as a given – and because it’s taken as a given by the media, people believe it and then comment with the presumption of its truth and answer in surveys that Labour are antisemitic, then news reports on such survey findings and people see those reported survey results as evidence etc – circular reasoning.
    Numerous Jewish individuals have said that Corbyn is not antisemitic, including John Bercow and Miriam Margoyles – and all it would take for someone to be incentivised into claiming Corbyn to be antisemitic is that they have a preference for more right leaning political ideology. As it happens, the chief Rabbi is a personal friend of Boris Johnson.

    1. Certainly. Firstly the Jewish community (which is largely and historically pro Labour) say so. What evidence have you seen? I’ve seen plenty – not least today a clip from Corbyn implying that Israel does not have a right to exist. Numerous Jewish Labour MPs saying that anti-semitism has become endemic. Your comments about the Chief Rabbi are reprehensible and indicate that you see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear.

      1. My apologies, I certainly meant him no ill will, but what exactly was “reprehensible”?
        That people have said so still begs the question, what has led them to believe that? A large number of people say that there is no God, that doesn’t mean that they’re correct. My point was that people have been told that there’s institutional antisemitism and then say that there is in surveys, and circular reasoning leaves scores of people convinced but there’s an absence of clear proof. And anyone who would prefer a Tory government or a different Labour leader has motive to reiterate the claim – a claim which, obviously, must be taken extremely seriously but like any requires evidence or reasoning.
        I’ll have to watch that clip to assess it, but I’d suggest that frustration with the political decisions made by a state doesn’t necessarily imply disdain for a people group. I know far too little about the middle East, and having only ever lived in an extremely ethnically diverse city (London) I can’t understand why one group of people should be moved from one area to make room for another (ie. people should live together as equals). So far as I know, Corbyn feels it wrong that Palestinians were forced from land to create a political state, and that Palestinian people now are discriminated against with regards to essential amenities. Corbyn’s anger about a poltical situation doesn’t prove that he is opposed to human beings of a particular ancestry.
        Please understand, I’m not trying to suggest that antisemitism isn’t serious, I’m just genuinely confused. I see far clearer evidence of discrimination by Boris Johnson, and am increasingly concerned about how the Tories have worsened injustice against the poor – precisely what the Bible tells us to oppose. I’m entirely torn about whether to vote at all in December or not.

      2. What was reprehensible was to claim that the Chief Rabbi only said what he did because he is a Tory who wants to help his friend Boris. Rather than out of any genuine concern for his people. And to make that claim on the basis of gossip ‘people have said”. There is a large amount of proof – some of which I have posted on my article on Christian Today – (I”ll put it up here tomorrow). I also happen to think that the injustice against the poor will be worsened by Corbyn….

  4. I wasn’t saying that the Chief Rabbi only said what he did because he wants to help Boris, I was making the point that the friendship might contribute to his decision to write the column, and thus clearer evidence is required to confirm his view, particularly since his column itself lacked examples of antisemitism – it was about antisemitism being bad, which is a given.
    Note that the Chief Rabbi, so far as I’ve seen, has remained silent about the Tories, last week, proudly unveiling a statue of Nancy Astor, who made grossly antisemitic statements.
    You don’t like that I wrote ‘people have said” but your previous comment, in response to me asking about evidence, stated, “the Jewish community …..say so”. Please, can you really not see what I’m saying? I see lots of statements that Labour is antisemitic but a lack of actual antisemitic statements from Labour. If there truly is antisemitism I am obviously not at all excusing it, I’m just confused, particularly given that many Jewish individuals have argued that the claims are false.

    1. You more than implied that this alleged friendship was his motivation. It’s a politicisation and trivialisation of a serious issue. If you don’t know about the many examples of anti-Semitism exposed in the Labour Party the. I would suggest it’s best not to comment on the basis of what you do not know. Are you unaware of the Jewish Labour MPs who have been hounded out? Why does the Jewish community think they are under threat? Are they making it up? Do you know better than them? I gave examples in the article, but it appears you don’t want to see them.

  5. Can I suggest the next madness; I am a left hander and write with my left hand but I identify with right handers so even when I write with my left hand, I am right handed. Absolute madness but this is a similitude of the nonsense that “intelligent” people are assenting to.

    1. I agree. I think people are not as mentally strong as they use to be . History shows people lean, strong, and having much endurance. Further, people did what they absolutely had to do in order to survive. Look at today’s people: They are obsese, have addictions, and whine about the truth of the matter; Therefore, in their own minds, they decide to change what cannot be changed. I’m sure I’ll be under fire for posting my thoughts on this; However, that is another point I’d like to bring to light: One cannot disagree with these groups or individuals. They cannot accept another perspective. They want to push theirs which I believe is highly flawed. To each their own is something that people use to say. I think it has gone overboard. There has to be some boundaries.

  6. I want to post that it is my understanding that the people who identify as gay/transgender, etc., reject God because it is their understanding God rejects them. The Bible indicates in John 3:15-16 this: “That WHOEVER believes may have eternal life in Him. For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that WHOEVER believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. I urge anyone to read this book authored by David Bennett titled THE WAR OF LOVES. The key to the verses in John 3:15-16 is WHOEVER. That means any and all! David Bennett explored this thoroughly. He identifies as a gay man who follows Christ. He struggled with Christianity because he wasn’t sure God would accept him. But through his studies he has found peace & understanding that God & his Son, Jesus Christ DO love him. Read the book! It is relevant to all people, I believe, since one can witness how David comes to his finding & decides with all his heart to make a decision in order to follow Christ, our savior. I value his devotion. I hope this post will help someone come to know the Lord especially one who feels they are unloved. You are loved & all you have to do is ask Jesus to come into your heart.

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