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Quantum 68 – The One With Bush Fires; Morales; Spain; Hong Kong; Billinge; Richard Cameron; South Australia and Prostitution; Self Partnering; Frozen; Students and Gender..

Quantum 68 ranges from Bush Fires in Australia to revolution in Bolivia and Frozen!



Evo Morales –


3) Spain –

4) Hong Kong –

5) Harry Billinge – This is wonderful!

5) Rev Richard Cameron –


6) South Australia  and Prostitution

7) How many genders are there?


8) Romanian Professor fired – 

9) Too many students? – Youtube – We don’t need no education –


11) Indoctrination of children –


Or you may prefer this version….!


“They who go forth to fight, boasting of their prowess, shall return with their gay banners trailed in the dust, and their armour stained with disgrace” CH Spurgeon – Morning and Evening – November 4th

 Quantum 67 – The One with Kanye, Paula, Epstein and Prince Andrew, Q and A Violence’ , Union Berlin, Siva Kolasi and Alan Jackson

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  1. Morales is an indigenous pagan peasant who grew coca.

    His successor is a law – degree holder who made sure the Bible featured in her Presidential self – declaration ceremony, an unsubtle rebuke to Morales’s having removed from the Constitution the official religion.

    Of course this political situation is more about Race than Religion and the part the former plays in poverty prevalence on the Indios side and in moderate prosperity on the European settler – descended side.

    Conveniently for the CIA , the Organisation of American States is based in the US and the OAS “findings” on the Bolivian election have been presented as facts . Socialism will doubtless return to Bolivia in due time and it will be attended by its usual lack of success.

  2. Interesting that when asked, the students from Berkley said their were ‘infinite ‘ genders, but identified themselves as either male or female! Hmmm!

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