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Letter from Australia 8 – Lawyers, Politicians, the Resurrection,  the secret Garden and a Pair of Trousers

22nd September 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

It’s been a hectic two weeks. A couple of weeks ago I wrote from Shetland, last week from Brisbane – and this week I am back home in Sydney – and yes it does feel like home.

Ann Street Presbyterian

Ann St Pres is just across from this cafe…

This week has been an encouraging week. Sometimes they happen! There were even moments of joy! It started with Sunday in Brisbane and preaching at Ann Street Presbyterian. I preached on Mark 16:1-8 The Resurrection and the Reality – This was followed by a Q and A – you can listen to them both here –


On Tuesday I headed to Canberra to speak at an outreach event in a cinema. I will put up a separate report about the actual event but Canberra itself – or what I saw of it – was interesting.   I left Sydney – where it was pouring much needed rain and as we entered Canberra I noted how dry all the land around seemed to be – although there was some snow on the hills.   I also had to get my first Uber from the airport. I was impressed how efficient it was – and of course the driver was an immigrant from India. Why are so many of the workers in the service industries and gig economy ‘immigrants’? I don’t say that as a criticism of them – indeed precisely the opposite. Good for them for trying to make a living and a life for themselves.

Some of the audience

Canberra is unusual – a made up city, established for political reasons (i.e. Sydney and Melbourne could not agree where the capital should be!). I love the lay out and find the dynamics of ‘the triangle’ (in effect where the government organisations, politicians and lobbyists are based) fascinating.   Whilst there I had an ‘idea’….we will see if it comes to fruition!

City Legal

IMG-6710Every Thursday morning I go to the City Legal group which meets in Silks restaurant at 7:30. This past Thursday (and next) I was the speaker. It is a very different dynamic. Again what was really encouraging were the lawyers I spoke to who were not Christians, but have a great interest (why else would you go to a 7:30 am meeting?!). Here is a link to the talk I gave – including a fascinating question time at the end.

Media Work

One of the encouragements of this week is the number of media opportunities that are coming up. I hope to share more of this later but for now can I just encourage you to pray. It appears as though doors are being opened. This past week it was my monthly appearance on Janet Parshall’s In the Market. (I will post a link to that tomorrow).


Another encouragement is the continued reception and spread of A.S.K. I knew that IMG-6711writing it in the way I did was a risk. It may not have worked. I just wanted it to be of use and it appears as though that is the case.   It is reaching places where I did not expect it to. I was sent this photo from Durham Cathedral bookshop.

The Secret Garden

It was good to have a day off yesterday – and a day of worship we did. We visited Wendy’s Secret Garden at Lavender Bay…it’s not much of a secret but it is beautiful….and the story of how it came about is inspirational. Watch it here…


Rod and Gunn



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After visiting the garden we jumped on the ferry at Milson’s Point and headed over to Circular Quay, had a late lunch and did some shopping. Normally the idea of shopping at any time is not my idea of a relaxing time – but on a Saturday? In the city centre? Looking for clothes?   However I have a confession to make – I have found a clothes shop I like. Rod and Gunn. I just love their shirts (Annabel got a couple second hand in Vinnie’s) and I ended up buying a pair of their trousers.   I don’t know why but I like the feel and the look. I’m told that they are a bit posh….so I am concerned about what is happening.   But surely we can, and should, be thankful for the clothes that we have. The Lord ultimately is the one who clothes us.

Third Space Launch

Third Spacethird space@0-1.5xI realize that I am speaking as someone who is deeply privileged. I have things that many others in the world do not have – not the least of these being food and clothing. The Lord gives us all things good, richly to enjoy – and to share. But most of all we have been given Christ. I must learn to share him.  It’s what we call fellowship.   In that regard please pray for the coming week and the official launch of Third Space on the 27th (if you are in Sydney on Friday morning and would like a invite to that – drop me a line and I will see what I can do)…

I’ll let you know next week how it went.  Meanwhile wherever you are this Lord’s Day may you know His presence and blessing.

Yours in Christ


Art and Encouragment in Brisbane – Letter from Australia 7





  1. I just had a listen to your City Bible Forum talk. It was very good but I am just trying to work out the mathematics of the part about the letter from 125 AD… If Jesus rose sometime within 6 years of 33 AD (so sometime between 27 AD and 39 AD) would these have basically been child
    witnesses amongst the 500 who were now extremely elderly by the time the letter was written?

      1. Okay, thanks. 🙂 I am tired and my brain isn’t working tonight.

        Nice to see the photo of Ann St Presbyterian with Brisbane Town Hall in the background, too! Hope you are up here to evangelise again soon.

    1. The Apostle Paul cites the evidence of more than 500 people who claimed to have seen Jesus alive after his resurrection (1 Corinthians 15 v 6), and most of them were still living when his letter was written (around 55 AD). These witnesses would have been adults when they saw the risen Christ.

      1. Thanks for replying, Angus. Pastor David is talking about another – much later – letter (not part of scripture) that states a few of the witnesses were still alive circa 125 AD.

        Christ be with you.

  2. Encouraging read as per usual! I was just wondering if you could cover Wrightbus in Northern Ireland in the next podcast? The business recent went bust over here and there’s a lot of controversy as it was tied up with a local large charismatic evangelical church here… struggling to understand how I should view it as a christian and you have always provided me with a biblical insight into world affairs. Thanks.

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