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Quantum 59 – The one with Mugabe; Northern Ireland Abortion; Lisa Cameron; Bercow; Fireman Sam; Attwood; Finland; Gender Neutral Penguin; 100 Genders, Jarrid Wilson; Benny Hinn and Emmaeus

This weeks Quantum –

This week we look at MugabeAbortion in Northern Ireland with a Labour MP insisting that the people should not be consulted..and the shameful treatment of SNP MP, Dr Lisa Cameron. 

We continue to look at Brexit and Speaker Bercow…

Margaret Attwood’s follow up to A Handmaid’s Tale has been published…

Meanwhile in the real dystopia a Finnish politician is under police investigation for citing the Bible.

And in the ‘its so mad you won’t believe it section” – we have the extraordinary story of the gender neutral penguin.   And the BBC making films for children telling them that there are 100 genders.

And the school girls who are banned from school for wearing skirts..


And Fireman Sam is to be banned for not being inclusive enough…


11) Melanie Phillips –

Jarrid Wilson has committed suicide..and Benny Hinn has renounced the prosperity Gospel

Achaeologists have discovered the biblical Emmaeus. 


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  1. Some of my son’s fellow students at university had an opportunity to meet Margaret Atwood. The students (mostly female) were unanimous in considering Atwood “very eccentric”.

  2. I would hope that most of my favourite authors might fall under the rubric of eccentric. The “very” part is a bit like “very unique” – no go I’m afraid.

    Nowadays in high IQ nations, eccentricity might be correlated ( without causation, of course) with the possession of the faith of sparrows or mustard seeds.

  3. Enjoyed very much this Quantum and more than this, to pray for God’s loving values in this (Western) world

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