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Quantum 57 – The One with Prorogation of Parliament; Ben Stokes; Sogyal Lakar; Electric Cars; Slave Reparations; Purdue Pharma; Piers Morgan; Trans Rugby; Welsh Pride; Aneurin Bevin; Claire Smith;

This weeks Quantum –

This week we look at the progation of Parliament – the EU banning criticism of immigration …

The wonder of Ben Stokes and the Australian Test cricketer with a bible verse engraved on his bat…


The sad story of the Buddhist guru – Sygyal Lakar

Copper mining in Norway, Electronic cars in NSW and fires in the Amazon….

Glasgow Universities offer to pay slave reparations is not all that it seems.

Purdue Pharma pay the price..

Piers Morgan speaks some sense…

The Kansas library that is considering letting paedophiles read to children...

The state of Victoria lets people change their birth certificates to whatever they want to be..

And the Welsh male rugby player who is smashing womens rugby – plus the ongoing sage of the listener’s daughters whose grils football camp is dominated by boys…

Speaking of Wales – can you spot what is wrong and unChristian about this?


Still on Wales – we remember a great Welsh labour politician – Aneurin Bevan –

We share a great insight from a wonderful Australian theologian/thinker – Claire Smith..


Finally we end with this song of praise:

Quote of the Week:

Isaiah 40:31 but those who hope in the Lord shall renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” Inscribed on Marnus Labuschagne’s bat.

Quantum 56 – The one with Truth, Lennon, Baby Killers, the Vegan Islamaphobe, Luxury Students,Greta’s song, Chess, Papua New Guinea, Yazidis, Trans Football, PragerU, SSM Songs of Praise, Trump and Colbert

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  1. So interesting your various views as a Bible based Christian, and I value them greatly over a wide range of topics. On most issues I have the greatest respect your views, and am so much better informed as I browse them week by week.

    Not sure about the wisdom of a no deal Brexit, but I agree it would not be the disaster some people fear.

    But on electric cars I do have some points to make, although I have not seen the report you mention.

    One, the most important advantage they have, and it is decisive, is virtually zero emissions compared to petrol and especially deisel vehicles, so important when our cities and urban conurbations worldwide are suffering from dangerous levels of air pollution. In a few years it will be electric only in cities!
    Secondly there is a difference geographically in terms of carbon footprint because it depends on the source of the electricity used to charge the car. I don’t know the mix in NSW, but it can vary from almost wholly fossil fuels in some grid networks to very high percentages of renewables in others. And, irrespective of grid sources, as in my case in the UK, the car can be charged from domestic solar panels almost fully throughout the summer months, and at up to a half even in a UK winter. Of course the scope for this also varies, but it should be pretty good in NSW!
    Thirdly, yes, the carbon footprint during manufacture of electric cars is slightly higher, maybe up to 2O per cent., also the capital cost, due to the battery component, and there is a query about disposal of batteries which is being improved with time. However, carbon footprint during manufacture, and capital cost, are far outweighed by the potential savings over the lifetime of the vehicle, and the more so as renewables begin to dominate.
    Fourthly I do not think the comparison with the awful diesel fiasco is apt, because manufacturers are not the prime movers in this revolution – it is society and governments.

    Best wishes,

    Ian Bensted

  2. The Anglican Church’s stance on same – sex marriage is unusual as Jesus , who is said to have commented on scores of issues , did not, as far as I know, address the subject of homosexuality.

    However , in ‘The Secret Gospel of Mark ‘ , perhaps a prototype of the Second Gospel, a curious incident involving a rich young man with whom Jesus spends six days, reads as a masterpiece of ambiguity.

    Professor FF Bruce of Manchester University offers his view on The Secret Gospel.

  3. Criticism of Immigration may be divided into that of Legal and Illegal.

    One of the side effects of Illegal Immigration , in particular, is the promotion by Western (desti)nations of asymmetrical multiculturalism.
    That is to say , the immigrant groups enjoy legal protection while the host group does not.

    Muslim garb v Christian symbols in the UK workplace may serve as one example.

    Freedom of speech in Europe is being rapidly eroded by multiculturalism as evidenced by this Austrian -based, Christian lawyer’s new book.

  4. Anyway, we may assume that, immigration wise, Ignatius Loyola’s shock troops of the Vatican will follow both their time – honoured Jesuitical “end justifies the means” instructions and their latest Superior – General’s bull.

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