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Quantum 50: The PM at Hillsong; Greg Sheridan; Islamaphobia; ; Northern Ireland; Amazon; Epstein; Paula White, Egypt; Greece; Denmark; Nurseries, Bewes; Santana

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Australia – The Prime Minister at Hillsong – 


 Islamaphobia –

Islamaphobia – Christian Today

  • The Regressive Power grab in Northern Ireland –

CBC – Child Drag Queens –

  • Amazon ban books –

Decline in Millionaires – 

Jeffrey Epstein – 

Paula White – Holy Ground – 

Egypt legalizes more churches

Greek elections –

Denmark – Divorce –

Uk – The end of the naughty step –

Chick Fil-A –

Richard Bewes – 

The most beautiful writing –

Quote of the Week –

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Santanta –

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  1. Yippee. “I don’t like cricket, I love it.”
    Though I’m not on twitter, here is a retweet:
    David Barclay
    7h7 hours ago
    “On Monday, Australia’s players had taken their shoes and socks off and walked the outfield here…On Thursday England took their pants down for them too.”

    Now is the time for you, David, to reveal your true identity, as a Boy from Berwick, a true Englander , a plant of subterfuge into Scotland and now Australia.
    My wife’s nephew has triple passports, I think, Bermuda (born there), British, raise in NE and North England, and emigrated to Perth, Australia and still supports Bury Football Club- beyond comprehension, I know.

    Santana. Their music, along with much other eclectic rock and reggae, was the soundtrack to my student life, sounding out in pubs and parties, as an atheist, but it seemed to be influenced by the occult.
    For reasons that are a little beyond my expression, I was surprised at how affecting it was to hear of his conversion to their backing track (Was it, “Sampa pa-ti?”), to hear of his redemption of forgiveness, and life transformation) . Thank you for highlighting this, bringing light of the gospel into dark places. Never too old for the gospel.
    Or too young, as your young correspondent shows.
    Every tribe, tongue, nation no matter their sporting favourites.

  2. Science and religion.
    Just passing this on, not read it, a recent report:
    “This report gathers over ten years of polling data to give the fullest picture yet of the science and religion landscape in the UK. (2019)”
    The ‘conflict’ between science and religion is sometimes talked up in the UK as if it were part of an emerging culture war, as it apparently is in the US.

    But what is the real picture in the UK? Is Young Earth Creationism on the rise? Do religious people think more negatively about science? And if there is a conflict between science and religion, who perceives it and why?

    Published to coincide with his new three–part Radio 4 documentary The Secret History of Science and Religion¸ Nick Spencer’s new Theos report “Science and Religion”: the perils of misperception gathers over ten years of polling data to give the fullest picture yet of the science and religion landscape in the UK.

    “Drawing on 18 major studies, the report looks at public opinion – on science and religion; evolution and creationism; scientists, scientific progress, and its moral implications – and reveals “pockets of antagonism” (rather than all–out conflict), which focus less on God or evolution, than they do the nature and status of human beings.”

    It is perhaps unsurprising to read that moral implications of scientific progress and the nature and status of human beings are at the forefront of public thought and opinions, and that there is perhaps a movement towards the emphasis (dominance?) of social science.

  3. Carlos’s testimony contains all the Hallmarks of conversion, none of which are based in evidence.
    However, glad he found a way to pull himself right. The world would be a poored place without his music.

    Our business baked a birthday cake for two members of his entourage which they brought out on stage and the whole audience sang, ”Happy Birthday”.
    We traded the cost of the cake for two tickets for my daughter and I when Santana played Johannesburg. Absolutely marvelous gig.

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