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Unbelievable – Young People A.S.K- the Video

This is the video of the Unbelievable show with Justin Brierley and Hannah Timson

I found this a fascinating conversation – the comments below are generally just depressing – the vitriol and abuse is at least proof of human depravity!

Seeing the children asking the questions is superb….I also found it really moving that yesterday I got a lovely letter from a young person who was writing to tell me she had become a Christian…there is no greater news.




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  1. It’s such a shame that the comments are as bad as they are because you and Hannah were so courteous. It was refreshing to listen to a debate that didn’t include people trying to talk over each other.

  2. Loved the respect shown on both sides. The conversation did not make me feel angry or insulted. It was so refreshingly honest and the answers while short due to time constraints definitely inspired me to more study. Thank you Mr. Robertson for an uplifting interview and for not backing down or watering down in pointing to Christ. Also thank you for keeping us informed of the status of issues from around the world. I sometimes feel we here in the US are the only ones living in chaos and anger and a nation tuned upside down. It is good to hear from other brothers and sisters in Christ and helps me better to know how to pray for this world that we are just passing through.

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