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Ask Any Bible Question – Premier Christian Radio – July 2019

It was a strange experience to do Ask Any Bible Question from Sydney this evening.  We really do live in a remarkable world when people in the UK can have a live phone in from Sydney – without any delay.  The questions were varied as usual…ranging from blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, contradictions about judgement, praying to the Spirit, why did the angel specifically mention Peter at the tomb?  predestination, universalism,, was Mary Magdalene a prostitute?

You can hear the whole programe here….

A.S.K 6 – Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit

Bible Questions – Heaven, the Bible and Worship and much more….




  1. So Christian radio bends the laws of physics David. Of course there’s a delay. Is there anything you won’t lie about?

  2. M G
    I take it that in all your learning you are unaware of the law of defamation, libel.
    Other than that it is bone -aching boring.

    1. The only thing here that is boring is sanctimonious Christianity. And of course you avoid the fact that David is demonstrably wrong. David lies about everything – about Brexit, about Jesus and so on.

      1. Why do people insist on following a website that they obviously totally disagree with?
        If you follow some other religion or none Mark, go there and vent your spleen.
        Why are you here and why do you care?

      2. I vent my spleen because David is a nasty and divisive character in the Scottish landscape – he needs a put down at every opportunity.

        I follow this to get a laugh and to remind myself how batshit-crazy you guys are.

      3. I permit this here – this time – just to let you all see how reasoned, loving and expressive some of my opposition is!

  3. Sounds a bit like self identity and projection to me. Stewed with bubbling bitterness.

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