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Bible Questions – Heaven, the Bible and Worship and much more….

D0PcyMpX0AAR7QUAfter the ‘odious’ interview on Talk Radio – it was great to get back to doing Bible questions on Premier.

How old will we look in heaven?

Are the footnotes accurate in the Bible?

Which version of the Bible is the best?

Did Solomon sacrifice his kids and did he go to Heaven or Hell?

Why does the bible say that parenting is the most difficult job?

Are Charismatics deluded and unsaved?  What do you think about speaking and praying in tongues?

What is the name that Jesus wanted the disciples to baptise in?

Why do we raise our arms in worship?

Should we act like a chicken in worship?!

Why was Satan in heaven?

How do we lay up treasures in heaven?


Ask Any Bible Question – Premier Radio – January 28th 2019




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