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Romans 12:9-13 – Ten Rules for family Life; Romans 12:14-21; Overcoming Evil; Baptism of Evie; How He Loves

IMG_20190505_123353653Last Sunday was a special day for the Robertson family – and I hope for St Peters.   Our daughter Becky and husband Pete were over from Australia in Scotland with Isla and Evie – three years ago I baptised Isla – on Sunday I had the privilege of baptising Evie – Ten Biblical Reasons Why I Baptised My Granddaughter (and Children).

In the sermon we continued the series on Romans and looked at ten rules for family life (whether church family or our homes which are meant to be mini -churches)

Songs: Give Thanks to the Lord our God and King; Our Father Everlasting (the Creed); What Gift of Grace; Ps 119:119-126; Love Divine, All Loves Excelling; May the Grace

Readings: Acts 23:12-25 Ps 119:119-126;

Sermon: Romans 12:9-13 –  Ten Rules for Christian Family Life 

Leenhardt – “Christian hospitality must inconvenience us more than that of the world; we do not choose our time or our guests”.

In the evening we looked at the vital subject of how we overcome evil with good.

Songs: You’re the Word of God the Father; Psalm 8 (Getty) ; Ps 27:1-4; Before the Throne of God Above.

Readings: Numbers 6

Sermon: Romans 12:14-21 – Overcoming Evil 

Calvin – “we give place to wrath only when we wait patiently for the proper time for our deliverance, praying in the meantime, that those who now trouble us may repent and become our friends”.

Ministers Monday Message

As you can imagine yesterday was a special day for the Robertson family and especially for Annabel and me. Evie Ruth Millburn’s baptism was the third time I have baptized one of our grandchildren. Each time for me is very special. I am a great believer in Gods covenant working in families….the photo of us all afterwards shows Gods faithfulness to four generations. Four generations! When you see all the children coming to the front each Sunday and heading out to Sunday school just think that if the Lord spares us – some of these children may one day be looking back at their four generations. The Christian church is long term….in fact it is eternal.

Before we go to Australia I hope to finish Romans – yesterday we looked at the sincere love we are to have in the Christian family and then in the evening how we deal with our enemies. This coming Sunday we will look at the vital subject of how we relate to the State and in the evening the Second Coming…. There are so many goings on in our church family – please uphold the sick and discouraged in prayer and as we saw on Sunday – let us rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn…

See you on Sunday, if not before…

Yours in Christ

Praise Song:

When I first heard this song I was unimpressed.  However it has really grown on me…and I find it deeply moving…


Finally, the verse that has really stuck in my mind fits in with this photo:  Ps 128:6 – “May you your children’s children see; and peace on Israel”


Romans 12:2 A Renewed Mind; Romans 12:3-8 – The Church’s Stategy; O How He Loves….


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