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Quantum 40 – The Splinternet; Japanese Emperor; Born as a Man; Indonesia; Arthur Miller; Greta; China; Obesity; Brexit and Africa; Spain; Californian Shooting; Quantas

This week’s Quantum covers some big issues.  The Internet is now dividing into blocs based on different world views.   The Japanese have a new emperor.   Also in Asia there is an extraordinary story about deaths in the election. 

The madness of transgenderism and the destruction of women’s sports continues with a BBC journalist speaking of those women who were ‘assigned’ as male at birth!  This results in ‘Mary’ the weight lifter.

Screenshot 2019-05-03 at 07.33.28

In such a confused world we need moral guidance – can Arthur Miller bring it?  Or Chinese Communism?  Or a 16 year old Swedish girl? 

Screenshot 2019-05-03 at 07.36.06

Speaking of guidance, the authorities in Leeds have discovered a great new weapon for dealing with childhood obesity – parents!

One of the advantages of Brexit is that we can have more meaningful trade with Africa. 

In Spain the Vox party make it into parliament for the first time as the Conservatives collapse and the Socialists hold on.  Also in Spain (for the moment) a school in Barcelona bans over 200 childrens books for not being PC enough.

In California the shooting in a Synagogue has also brought grief to an OPC church where the killer attended.

In Australia Qantas decides to remove religious leaders from its ‘Chairmans Lounge’.  But never mind they can always read Kant – with a publishers warning! 

Quote of the Week:

“To be sure, this life is not everything; but it is seldom a medical man has true religious views—there is too much pride of intellect.”  George Elliott – Middlemarch

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  1. The phrase “gender assigned at birth” now appears to be standard BBC speak. Several weeks ago there was a Radio4 programme which purported to be an investigation around the clinical management of gender dysphoria, and in particular so-called “rapid onset dysphoria” – a condition mainly experienced by disturbed teenage girls. Various doctors and psychologists were interviewed, including some from the GID Tavistock clinic.

    However what stood out to me was that the presenter regularly used the phrase “gender assigned at birth” to describe these children. I wrote and complained that the careless use of “queer” terminology was wholly inappropriate in a programme which purported to be scientific and factual.

    I never got an answer.

  2. Qantas decides to remove religious leaders from its ‘Chairmans Lounge’.

    Storm in a tea cup. Seriously, who cares?

    1. It would appear Qantas cares more than the clergy do. If the clergy cared they would protest with shouts of ‘discrimination’, and rightly so, but I would hope they’re not so petty-minded.

  3. Another news story this week:
    The most frequently requested music at funerals in the UK does not include a single hymn in the top ten.

    If the dead person was not a believer, then I welcome his/her refusal to appear hypocritical. But nevertheless it is a sad reflection on how unchristian our society is becoming. I feel sorry for unbelievers whose lives are epitomised by a shallow pop song, and whose relatives have no better way to deal with grief than to celebrate the dead person’s idiosyncrasies.

    1. Maybe many of the artists are Christian?
      Be honest, who could have a grumble about Stairway to Heaven?

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