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Quantum 35 – Israel and the NZ Mosque; Islamaphobia and Jordan Peterson; The Church in China; Chinese AI; The Mueller Inquiry and Jesse Smollett; The EU and the Internet; The Dutch and the Elderly; Transgender Beer; Scott Walker; Ricky Gervais; and more….

This week we range all over the world and a variety of subjects;

We begin with an extraordinary claim that Israel was responsible for the New Zealand Mosque shootings.  This leads us to question what is Islamaphobia?

This of course brings in Jordan Peterson, whose books were banned by a New Zealand bookchain, which continued to sell Mein Kampf!  We mention Peterson and Cambridge – Letter to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge – re Jordan Peterson

One piece of good news that may have skipped your attention is that President Trump has said that colleges that do not protect freedom of speech will be in danger of losing their funding.

Screenshot 2019-03-28 at 17.50.35

We also look at the persecution of the Church (and other religions) in China – and staying in China it is amazing how they are developing AI technology.  The news announcer in this photo is not a human – but an AI image.


With all the fuss about the EU we look at this really important decision from the EU regarding the Internet.  Something which may severely restrict our ability to produce this podcast.

The Mueller inquiry has vindicated Donald Trump – and the prosecutor in Chicago has decided not to prosecute  Justin Smollet  for false claims.

In the Netherlands a Green politician is saying that doctors should be able to deny surgery to over 70’s.   Meanwhile the doctors organisation in the UK has changed its rules which then allowed the press to report that they were no longer opposing euthanasia.

Some good news.  Glasgow Uni students association have been compelled to withdraw their ban on a pro-life group.  Not such good news comes from this extraordinary story about a rape crisis centre in Canada being forced to take men who identify as women.


But the prize for crazy this week goes to Scotland.  Brewdog have produced a non binary transgender beer (did you know that beer had a gender?)

If you are going to read one article this week – read this incredible story of the first non-binary person in the US who is now warning about the dangers of transgender and the harm it does. Chick-Fil- A get banned in San Antonio.  And United Airlines announce non-binary tickets!  The Corporates continues their virtue signalling madness.

This week we also lost Scott Walker of the Walker brothers.

This is the first generation, born in the West, that won’t be majority baptized in 1500 years.  And the decline of the church in US continues.

Finally we try to answer Ricky Gervais in his latest mockery of the Christian faith.

This is an earlier answer I gave to Gervais. Ricky Gervais v Stephen Colbert – The Real Answers- An Open Letter

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  1. That beer came out (sorry) in 2015. A lot of the persons covered by the umpteen no-label labels were singularly unimpressed. Apparently it uses hops which change from male to female before harvesting. I have no idea about the botany, but one imagines they actually can change sex, they don’t just start acting in a way they consider the flowers of the opposite sex do… Male hops are apparently useless for beer.

  2. Re the car thing the speed limiter does allow you to override it for short periods so you can accelerate away in exactly the scenario you describe. Re German autobahns I gather the limiter works with legal speed limits so it detects the speed limit where you are driving and limits you to that speed. Presumably you wouldn’t be limited on the autobahn if there wasn’t a legal limit – not surre on that though, the coverage I’ve seen/read doesn’t say specifically. It does sound a bit ‘spooky/invasive’ at first but having thought about it a little I think that if it works it could prevent a lot of deaths and would basically do so by ensuring that cars can’t be used to break the law in terms of speed of driving. From what I’ve seen it wouldn’t prevent anything that isn’t already illegal.

  3. This performance from Ricky Gervais is the epitome of desperate unbelief as entertainment; eking out its brief hour upon the stage as a masquerade of life-not-worth-living; or as a badly-hacked version of Ecclesiastes. What happens when the paying audience tires of the joke?
    School pupils (of both genders) have pulled out the, ‘Who made God?’ chestnut for generations — usually in schools now retrospectively accused of ‘indoctrination’, by the way — but there are diminishing returns outside the classroom. One would have to be well-down the rabbit hole to take comfort in such a comprehensively-blown defence.

    It ought to be enough that Christians can point out that the Eternal God is by definition not made, for, after all, it’s less than a generation since the default atheistic position was that the Universe had no beginning. Those who once postulated an Eternal Cosmos are in no position to say that we cannot logically believe that the Creator has an eternal existence. (Similarly, the alternative theory of origin — which amounts to saying that the universe created itself — requires the insistence that the ‘Nothing’ out of which the ‘Universal Something’ was made, was a different kind of nothing from what we normally mean by ‘Nothing.’ I’ve no wish to ridicule the idea which is, in truth, not so ridiculous as it sounds; but holding the concept of a different kind of nothing rather rules out ridiculing the theistic insistence that God is a different kind of god to the straw-god raised up for atheist puts down.)

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