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Quantum 32 – Knife Crime; Justin Trudeau; Jordan Peterson in Australia; KFC in China; Sharon Davies›; Birthstrike; Andre Previn

This weeks Quantum looks at knife crime,    The Birmingham school anti LGBT indoctrination protest;  A chilling case of State abuse from Canada;

Staying with Canada we look at the potential downfall of Justin Trudeau

Jordan Peterson had this extraordinary appearance on Q and A in Australia  –

Transgender athletes – Sharon Davies –  spoke out about the unfairness to women.  Meanwhile Twitter banned Suzanne Evans for being transphobic.

We also look at the KFC link with China 

It was depressing to read about Birthstrike and the women who don’t want to have children…Meanwhile the BBC reported on the declining birthrate

Finally we remembered Andre Previn –

Quote of the Week – “At the beginning of time, according to the great Western tradition, the Word of God transformed chaos into Being through the act of speech. It is axiomatic, within that tradition, that man and woman alike are made in the image of that God. We also transform chaos into Being, through speech. We transform the manifold possibilities of the future into the actualities of past and present. To tell the truth is to bring the most habitable reality into Being. Truth builds edifices that can stand a thousand years. Truth feeds and clothes the poor, and makes nations wealthy and safe. Truth reduces the terrible complexity of a man to the simplicity of his word, so that he can become a partner, rather than an enemy. Truth makes the past truly past, and makes the best of the future’s possibilities. Truth is the ultimate, inexhaustible natural resource. It’s the light in the darkness. See the truth. Tell the truth>’ Jordan Peterson

Quantum 31 – United Methodists; India and Pakistan; Brexit; The ISIS bride; Justin Smollett; George Pell; Gender; Abortion; The Monkees; Sir James MacMillan



  1. When i open this on my phone, there is nowhere to click that allows me to listen to the podcast!

  2. Hi David, tried to listen to this latest Quantum but couldn’t get it to play, is there a problem?

      1. All working fine now thanks. Sorry for delay in response, was rescuing a friend from a mouse in her house!

  3. Interesting that Peterson identifies as a sort of Christian and suffers sever depression.

      1. Yes, he does, according to quotes on wiki.

        He is a philosophical pragmatist.[50] In a 2017 interview, Peterson was asked “are you a Christian?” and responded “I suppose the most straight-forward answer to that is yes”.[119] In 2018, Peterson emphasized that his conceptualization of Christianity is probably not what is generally understood, stating that the ethical responsibility of a Christian is to imitate Christ, for him meaning “something like you need to take responsibility for the evil in the world as if you were responsible for it … to understand that you determine the direction of the world, whether it’s toward heaven or hell”.[120] When asked if he believes in God, Peterson responded: “I think the proper response to that is No, but I’m afraid He might exist”.

        And what was your point?

      2. You need to stop relying on Wiki and read some real books! When someone says he does not believe in God, then it is somewhat unwise to claim that they are a Christian!

    1. If clinical depression is what it claims to be – clinical – then anybody can suffer from it, regardless of their beliefs. You can’t have it both ways.

  4. All working fine now thanks. Sorry for delay in response, was rescuing a friend from a mouse in her house!

  5. Well, as a Canadian I’d say you have Trudeau pegged pretty well. Anybody caring to pay attention (to the scandal) is holding their breath over the breaking news. However, and… however again! These things come across to the general public in rapid sound bytes. And sound bytes change almost by the second. So, the Liberal Party is obsessed with obfuscation, Hoping the public will forget. Trudaeu’s blathering notwithstanding.
    I need a word stronger than ’embarrassing’ when it comes to him… And if there is no real accountability, I’ll need a new word for our entire national ethos!

    1. Further… I can imagine Justin Trudeau — in a cabinet meeting — quote Psalm 12:4. “With our tongues we will prevai, our lips are with us; who is master over us?”
      Such is the arrogance of this man.

      1. Absolutely, John:
        ‘We’ve got a Psalm for that.’ and as is the case of so much in politics, Psalm 12 is it.
        Here’s my reflection on it:

        Save, LORD! The godly one is gone;
        the faithful, vanished too.
        Dissimulation rules the day;
        and nothing said rings true.

        God will cut off the flattering lips,
        the tongue that makes great boasts,
        that says, ‘Our will and words prevail;
        we rule within our coasts.’

        ‘I will, because the needy groan,
        arise now.’ says the LORD.
        Like silver smelted seven times:
        his hallmark is his Word.

        A flock round whom the wicked prowl,
        his people lift their praise.
        His Promise, in the midst of wolves:
        their Refuge all their days.


  6. I do not know the name of the lady who asked Jordan Peterson the question so I will call her Ms X. There is an interesting contradiction between the approach of Ms X and that of the women quoted on Birthstrike. On the one hand, Ms X seems to suggest that climate (whatever) is such a big problem that talking about ‘personal responsibility’ is irrelevant. Whereas the women on Birthstrike seem to take the position that because climate (whatever) is so dangerous they must take the personal responsibility of not having any children.

  7. A society which encourages the abortion of children (not only, but especially, those of the poor), denial of care to the old, sick and unproductive (likely to proceed to “assisted suicide” any time soon), the expulsion of the “foreign” and those with presumed “dual loyalty” (a phrase bad enough when used of Jews or Roman Catholics, but now extending to anyone with even a presumed entitlement to a second citizenship, never mind an actual one) – and then starts pushing its “own” women to populate the nursery, starts to look decided less like a “pro-life” or Christian one than one bent on producing a designed “better” population in its own image.
    Did we learn nothing from the Ceausescus?

    1. Yeah, the world needs more children born to parents who are too poor to raise them properly. That’s why Romania worked so well under the Ceausescu regime, where a lot of those children ended up in hellish orphanages, despite having parents.

      And abortion was made illegal under Ceausescu, so Dog only knows what point you’re trying to make.

      1. Ah – the good old eugenics argument from ignorance. Poor people should not be allowed to breed! What an equal society you want!

      2. This undoubtedly has to be the bravest argument I’ve seen you attempt, Chris,
        but Ceaușescu‽ I had thought that meeting all concerns about abortion with a repetition — however inappropriate — of the woman’s right to choose mantra, was the epitome of real-issue avoidance. Now you come up with a worthy replacement: we couldn’t ban abortion because if we did we’d end up with appalling orphanages such as those found in Romania when the regime fell.
        And there comes a point when the ‘Atheism doesn’t have an agenda’ defence is exposed for the fig leaf it is. For Ceaușescu that happened so suddenly on that balcony when the expected adulation of the crowd was replaced by howls of rage. Had nobody warned him? I know that you take exception to having the Bible quoted at you but we all need to take heed of Luke 8:17:-

        For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.


      3. Since you seem fond of Wikipedia, here is its take on why “abortion was made illegal” in Romania:-
        “For the Conducător (the “Leader”), as Ceaușescu liked to call himself, “demography was destiny” and countries with rising populations were rising powers.[15] In October 1966, Ceaușescu banned abortion and contraception and brought in one of the world’s harshest anti-abortion laws,[16] leading to a large spike in the number of Romanian infants abandoned to deplorable conditions in the country’s orphanages. ”
        By “countries with rising populations” he didn’t mean immigrants – and neither do our present masters. Now do you see what I do when cleansing of the “unproductive”, and expelling “foreigners” is followed by panic that “our” women aren’t breeding?

  8. You need to stop relying on Wiki and read some real books! When someone says he does not believe in God, then it is somewhat unwise to claim that they are a Christian!

    Are you saying that Peterson is misquoted on Wiki?

    Well, you have a right to consider that he is not a Christian, I suppose, but he obviously believes he is, and who am I to call him out on that belief?
    Christadelphians are also Christian.

    For the record, what real book(s) concerning his religious standpoint that would give a clearer understanding of his position do you recommend I read, David?

      1. he refuses to answer the question

        Really? Then you obviously missed this part ….

        In a 2017 interview, Peterson was asked “are you a Christian?” and responded “I suppose the most straight-forward answer to that is yes”.

        So, yes, he does consider himself to be a Christian.

      2. Take your time Ark…and think….a Christian who doesn’t believe in God? You’ll get there. I know that quote mining is your speciality but thinking works better…

  9. If Peterson says he is a Christian then I accept that he is.
    Remember: Many Catholics think you are a heretic.
    Christadelphians are Christians – not according to you, but who are you to say who is or isn’t?

    1. Thats the difference between you and me – I look for evidence – you just accept what people tell you!

      I havn’t come across one Catholic yet who thinks I’m a heretic…have you? Remember evidence?

      I don’t say who is a Christian – Christ does…

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