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Your Call – Bible Questions – From Spirit Spouses to Women Preachers!

Screenshot 2019-03-11 at 15.29.06.pngIf you want to hear todays ‘Your Call – answering Bible Questions’ with yours truly on Premier then you can get it here –


It was an unusual one – spirit spouses, women priests and preachers, the difference between grace and mercy, anger, the Spirit guiding, obeying your husband, personal bible difficulties and  are Messianic Jews Christian?

And if you missed last months…

Bible Questions – Heaven, the Bible and Worship and much more….


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  1. Thanks David, i enjoyed the insights and agree mostly. Like all chaplains (and many ministers), you do well in taking each question as it comes!

    I thought that you could have been more kind about the first question. If you thought the first subject to be about a “nonsense” teaching, a question about it, from someone who doesnt know, is certainly not nonsense. Every question is a good question. And you did answer it well.

    Thank you for your service.

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