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Matthew 16 – Jesus’s Manifesto; Matthew 28 – The Great Commission Part 2; Sinclair Ferguson; Chrysostom

Last Sunday as I was at the Harris Conference, Sinclair preached at both services – as you will hear it was a feast!


Songs:  Come People of the Risen King; Praise my Soul the King of Heaven; Hear All About It; Ps 119:41-48; Go Forth and Tell

Readings:  Acts 17:16-34; Ps 119:41-48

Sermon: Matthew 16:13-28 – Jesus’ Manifesto


Songs: How Great Thou Art; Saviour of the World; Psalm 67; Hear the Call of the Kingdom

Readings: Daniel 9

Sermon: Matthew 28:18-20 – The Great Commission Part 2 – The Great Mission

“Do you think that to be religious is to be constant in churchgoing?  This is nothing, unless we reap some fruit for ourselves: If (from the gathering together in Church) we do not gather something for ourselves, it were better to remain at home.  For our forefathers built the Churches for us, not just to bring us together from our private houses and show us to one another; since this could have been done also in a market place, and in baths, and in a public procession: – but to bring together learners and teachers, and make the one better by means of the other.  With us it has all become mere customary routine, and formal discharge of a duty: a thing we are used to; that is all”  Chrystostom


Ministers Monday Message:

I am always sad to be away from St Peters on the Lord’s Day – absence makes the heart grow fonder! I look forward to hearing the services online ASAP.

Myself and Annabel were away at the Harris Bible Conference. We had a wonderful time – much better than I had anticipated. The conference was at the Harris Hotel in Tarbert. The food was wonderful (especially the breakfasts), the bible teaching from Roger Simpson (an Anglican vicar from St Michael-Le- Belfrey in York) and yours truly was I hope helpful; the worship was mainly psalms – what really moved me was the Gaelic psalm singing – extraordinary and beautiful.

But I think what I enjoyed most of all was the fellowship with the Lord’s people – although the church in Lewis is not without its difficulties and problems, there is a kindness and warmth amongst many of the people. The depth in the prayers, the kindness in the faces and the love of the Word and the Lord, came across deeply. And they are hardcore! Most were older than us but they kept going from dawn until well beyond dusk – having another ‘fellowship’ at 10pm was the norm!

So we are home – exhausted but delighted to have taken part in such a special weekend.

If you ever get a chance – head to the Western Isles and experience the extraordinary scenery and the hospitality. We have a lot to learn from our Lewis brothers and sisters.

Have a great week and look forward to seeing you all this coming Sunday….in the morning I hope to continue preaching on Romans 10 – and Sinclair will finish his mini-series on The Great Commission….

Yours in Christ


John 1:12 (Bob Akroyd); Psalm 88 – The Darkness is My Closest Friend; Diversity Service, Unity and New Members

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