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In The Market – with Janet Parshall – Politics, Ethics, Theology..

This months ‘In the Market’ with Janet Parshall – as always it was a privilege to talk with Janet – who is excellent at keeping things moving.  We discussed weather, politics, Brexit, the Supreme Court, Consent,  Hate crimes, abortion in New York – amongst other subjects. You can listen to it by clicking this link.

Every time I do this show responses come in from all over the US.  I am quite fascinated by maps and statistics so I was interested to see that the Quantum podcast was listened to in every state in the US – except for West Virginia!

Screenshot 2019-02-06 at 06.55.18

Powerful Predictions – In the Market



  1. We have some West Virginia churches in our presbytery (Evangelical Presbyterian Church). I’ll have them listen! 😉

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