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Paul’s Passion and Purpose – Romans 9:1-5; A Prayer and a New City Alight Hymn

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Last Sunday morning we looked at Romans 9:1-5 – Paul’s Passion and Purpose.   There was no evening service as we joined together with DECA (Dundee Evangelical Churches Alliance) for their joint service, at which Sinclair preached.

Songs: O Praise the Name; Joy to the World; Ps 23 (Townend); Ps 116:1-9; Hear the Call of the Kingdom

Readings: Acts 12:19-25, Psalm 116

Sermon:  Romans 9:1-5 – Paul’s Passion and Purpose

Here is a prayer that I read from The Valley of Vision this morning:

Every morning I vow to love you more fervently

To serve You more sincerely,

to be more devoted in my life,

to be wholly Yours;

yet I soon stumble, backslide,

and have to confess my weakness, misery and sin.

But I bless You that the finished work of Jesus needs no addition for my doings,

that his oblation is sufficient satisfaction for my sins.

If future days be mine, help me to amend my life,

to hate and abhor evil,to flee the sins I confess.

Make me more resolute, more watchful, more prayerful.

Let no evil fruit spring from evil seeds my hands have sown;

Let no neighbour be hardened in vanity and folly by my want of circumspection.

If this day I have been ashamed of Christ and his Word,

or have shown unkindness, malice, envy, lack of love, and ill advised speech, hasty temper,

let it be no stumbling block to others,

or dishonour to Your Name.

O help me to set an upright example that will ever rebuke vice,

allure to goodness, and evidence that lovely are the ways of Christ.

And here is a new song from City Alight –


Quantum 18 – China; Taiwan; Christmas in Brunei; Censorship ; Transmania; Rainbow Badges in the NHS; Anti-Semitism in Hungary; The Ukrainian Holocaust; John Allen Chau


  1. Thanks for posting, the preacher was warm yet challenging, the band + song choices were lovely, especially the acapella Psalm. And the sound recording captured the singing/music well, which is often a challenge!

    Maybe that missionary who died will turn out to be another Jim Elliot?

    Well done, we need more church services like this, will be tuning in again.

  2. I have just become aware of an upcoming UN meeting in Morocco where the U.K. is planning to sign a new binding declaration ‘UN’s Compact on Imigratiom “ Italy , Switzerland, USA, Australia, Israel, Hungary among the countries who will not sign on Dec 10 th and 11 th. This has gone under the radar due to all the Brexit domination of news. This Compact will seriously limit free speech. Here is a link to the petition

    With thanks for being one of the few people standing up for truth in Scotland

    Kind Regards, Margarita Williams Sent from my iPad


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