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Quantum 18 – China; Taiwan; Christmas in Brunei; Censorship ; Transmania; Rainbow Badges in the NHS; Anti-Semitism in Hungary; The Ukrainian Holocaust; John Allen Chau

Welcome to Quantum no.18 – This is a bit longer than usual but there was so much to cover….enjoy.

China –

Taiwan – Rejects SSM

Christmas – Brunei

fbclid=IwAR0W6Sef4Tp1AacdVeCe8wUCB6mxX3_TiMTNQjPS3yXI_vDumVbsA1dmSdwMartyn Lewis –


Derby Cathedral –-

Glasgow and Aberdeen Unis –

Vagina Monologues –

Jean Hackett –

Transamania – Piers Morgan –

Rainbow badges –

Anti-Semitism in Hungary –

Ukrainian Holocaust

John Allen Chau – from 37 minutes – Neil DM Macleod

St Andrews Day –   John Knox – Give me Scotland or I die.

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Quantum 17 – St Helens Bishopsgate; Michael Veitch; Islamic Prayer in Blackburn Cathedral; Dawkins and Children; Transgender Rights; Marrying a Ghost


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