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Cakes and Crimes – In the Market with Janet Parshall

Monday Janet and I discussed a number of topics – mostly from the latest Quantum 

CreationFest, Ashers, Hate Crimes,  and more….including the origins of Country music, bluegrass and Gospel!

“Hour 1: Cakes and Crimes

Today we cover a variety of topics with our Dundee, Scotland pastor/blogger friend. From hate crimes to Christian bakers, we will discuss several issues of importance that challenge us to build a strong biblical worldview and know how to apply the Truth of God’s word to the world around us.”

You can listen to it

or get the link here

Loved the Shetland fiddle music!   Also the quality of the recording was much better than usual – I think Skype works!

Since Janet is so keen on Shetland fiddle music….



Janet Parshall – Brexit, Memphis, New York, the Gender of God, the Decline of the Church and the Gospel in a post-Christian age

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  1. Can you please check out the podcast link
    It times out on me. I think that is possibly to be down for some reason. Love the blog and making points in a graceful way which is not vindictive but helps folk think through what they and why they believe. Keep up the good work. You might like to think about possibly using amazon s3 as a cloud service, think that Brian Chapell Unlimited Grace podcast?

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