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Quantum 10 | The Wee Flea Podcast – Judge Kavanaugh; Jazz Hands; Police Scotland; Marxist Indoctrination; What is Woman? Prostitution as a University Career

|1| Police Scotland reported for hate incident.

|2| Judge Kavanaugh.

|3| Ted Cruz.

|4| Jazz Hands.

|5| Prostitutes in University.

|6| Marxist Indoctrination.

|7| Woman.


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|1| Police Scotland – A hate incident.  

The Wee Flea – Police Scotland and the Scottish Government Reported for Hate Incident

|2| Judge Kavanaugh.

The Wee Flea – America’s Disgrace

|3| Ted Cruz.  

Gateway Pundit –  Ted Cruz chased from DC restaurant by screaming Kavanaugh protesters – his wife harassed during exit (video)

|4| Jazz hands.

BBC – University of Manchester bans clapping.

|5| Prostitutes in University.

The Times – How to be a sex worker — advice for freshers

|6| Marxist Indoctrination.

Facebook –  FILM Your Marxist Professors – FYMP  – Dr Grover Furr Montclaire University saying Stalin did not kill anyone.

|7| Woman.

Sky News on Twitter – Feminist Poster Removed



  1. Great to see it back.

    Here’s something for the next episode maybe… I have heard rumblings for a long time that acceptance ofopen relationships/polygamy/polyamory was going to be the next big thing to be pushed. For the first time, the ABC are promoting it so it has finally reached mainstream news in Australia:

    A couple of serious questions, Pastor David:

    1. When promoters of the ideology inevitably debate it with us, they will undoubtedly raise the issue of various Old Testament figures having multiple wives. How do we counter this? What sections of the Bible can we point to that set out monogamy or celibacy as God’s mandate?

    2. I am frightened about this but I am also frightened about what the eventual backlash might be like. You are an historian: Do you think the situation is in any way comparable to morality in the Weimar Republic or was that a lot worse? Obviously in Weimar times, there were lots of other factors: Resentment over Versailles, hyper-inflation, fear of the Soviets, etc but other factors like the breakdown in sexual ethics are in place. Far right groups do have some moment now.

    Seems ironic on one level that the paganism of the left led to the paganism of Nazi ideology.

    3. Do you think this is a blessing on one level though? Christianity has never worked well as a state religion and became compromised immediately by Constantine, leading eventually to everything from the Inquisition to the persecution of the Huguenots by the Catholic-State alliance, to support for the First World War by the Anglican Church. By becoming a minority group in a relatively hostile pagan culture, do you think western Christianity can recover the authenticity of the Early Church that was lost so long ago? The religion is returning to the native operating conditions in which it was fostered.

    1. Hi Jean. You are right about polygamy….I have been predicting this for years.

      In terms of PT polygamy – The Bible often describes what happened rather than proscribes what should happen. Polygamy was part of the culture and wrong.

      There is a parallel with Weimar Germany – before a country becomes totalitarian it first of all loses its moral basis…

      I think Christianity sometimes has worked well as a State religion…..I would not despise the good that comes from a whole country seeking to follow the Word of God.

  2. Thanks, pastor. The gay community and their supporters have gone about this so viciously and threatened so many people (from suing bakers to people in corporations losing their jobs or being “re-educated” if they don’t toe the line) that I can’t help but worry there will be a major backlash with reprisals and lurch to the hard right sometime soon. Everything has happened so quickly – to find society in this position now would have been unimaginable in the 1990s.

    When my son was at uni circa 2000, Judith Butler and the other queer theorists were regarded as a joke by the kids. The students had to study them but did not take them seriously but now society and politicians have swallowed all that they say.

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