Dundee Evangelism Preaching St Peters Worship

1 Kings, Psalm 84, CreationFest, Communion and Johnny Cash – Worship from St Petes

Last Sunday Craig preached on 1 Kings 3-4 – it was the fullest I have ever seen the church.  Also great to have Katrina Nicholson with us…and Brian Broederson, Sarah Yardley and the team from CreationFest – after a great day of outreach on Saturday

Praise in Dundee City Centre

Songs: Great is the Darkness; Be Thou My Vision; Ps 23 (Townend); Ps 109:21-31; How Great Thou Art  (I thought the violin and the mandolin playing were excellent on the praise)

Readings: Acts 9:1-19; Ps 109:21-31

Sermon: 1 Kings 3-4 – Wisdom Reigns

In the evening we had communion – and as I do at each communion I looked at one of the Psalms – this time it was Psalm 84.  I also took the opportunity to explain what communion is – not the mass and not just a symbolic meal.

“We do not get a different or a better Christ in the sacrament than we do in the preaching of the word. but because the supper sign is added to the word preached, by Gods grace and the Spirits ministry we may get the same Christ better, and , sensing the firmness of his grip of grace on us, get a firmer grasp on him” Robert Bruce

Songs:  Awake, Awake O Zion; Hear the Call of the Kingdom; Ps 84:1-7; Ps 84:8-12; Ten Thousands Reasons

Readings: 2 Kings 22. Psalm 84

Sermon: Psalm 84 – How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place

After yesterdays post on Johnny Cash I was sent this…a great song for the Lord’s Day…


  1. I was so blessed to begin my day with your service this morning. Thank you. (Benoni, South Africa)

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