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America’s Despair

My original piece on the Brett Kavanaugh fiasco, (America’s Disgrace) really stirred up the cesspit – as if it needed any stirring. (although to be fair a number of people also expressed appreciation).   Ironically the reaction to it kind of proves the points I was trying to make – the main one is simply that we don’t know what happened 35 years ago – and anyone who claims to do so, does so largely on their own feelings and politics.  Nonetheless that has not stopped numerous people writing and saying that they know what is happening.  I have been astounded at how many Christians (who should know that they are not the judges) are proclaiming “I believe her”, “I believe him” – as though what we “believe” has anything to say on the matter!

But as events continue to unfold it becomes clear that the mess that the US is in is far deeper than this particular sideshow.   One of the wider things that got some people especially upset was the claim that the farce currently being played out in Washington somehow indicates the decline of American civilization because of its growing rejection of its Christian roots.  Leaving aside the argument about whether America has Christian roots (that is incontrovertible but in this post- modern, post-truth world people can just make up history to suit their own prejudices and always find someone on the Internet who will agree with them!); and the upset that some people feel ‘ how dare you say that about America – your country is worse ‘- (it is, but this is not a competition!); the question remains – how does this case show what is going wrong in the wider society. I

I would add that where the US goes – we quickly follow (or maybe it is the other way round?).  These same signs of decay are already endemic in our culture.

  1. ‘Justice’ can be bought.   Remember that we are talking about the appointment of a judge who is there to interpret the law, not to make it.    This is not a political election.  Which is why it is astounding that so many people with a vested interest are spending millions of dollars either in support of the appointment, or against it.  The NRA have spent over $1 million in support, whilst pro-abortion groups funded by George Soros have also spent millions.   Justice should not be for sale.

2. Abortion is a human right that must be defended at all costs –  This fascinating article from my friend and fellow Presbyterian minister in the Australian Spectator, has some important information on this.

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford, who claims — without any evidence — that Kavanaugh inappropriately touched her at a drunken party while in high school, turns out to have ties to an abortion pill pharmaceutical company called Corcept Therapeutics. This discovery brings to light an obvious conflict of interest in Blasey’s story, revealing that she works for a pharmaceutical company that manufacturers an abortion pill drug, whose profits could be strongly impacted by future Supreme Court decisions on abortion rights.

Corcept Therapeutics ( manufactures and markets an abortion pill drug called mifepristone, and Christine Blasey Ford is a co-author of at least eight published scientific papers produced by the pharmaceutical giant to promote its pills. You can see Blasey’s name listed on several publications at this web page detailing their research papers.

Corcept Therapeutics, Inc., a $1.66 billion market cap company (stock symbol CORT) reportedly has current annual sales of $216 million. The company offers just one drug, mifepristone, which is widely known as an “abortion pill” or RU-486.

Anita and her friend celebrating their wee drama with Senator Flake

The woman who accosted Senator Flake and was being hailed as a hero, is Ana Maria Archila, a director of another pro-abortion lobby group (also incidentally part funded by Soros) the CPD.  This group have been leading the protests and campaign against Kavanaugh.  What seems to be the primary concern here – is not the issue of sexual abuse, but the issue of abortion.   It is part of the perversity of modern society that people scream and yell and are prepared to devote their lives to enabling babies in the womb to be killed.

3. Truth is Relative =  and based more upon what you feel – than what is true. The Scotsman ran an article entitled Injustice cries out at Kavanaugh hearing by Dani Garavelli.  It is typical of the hysteria surrounding this case.  At first I thought and hoped it was some kind of spoof, but apparently its real.   Ms Garavellis tells us that this is all about the patriarchy…in fact everything wrong in the world can be blamed on that.  Did you know that Brexit was caused by ‘male privilege’?     Men (especially white men) lie.  Women tell the truth.   Nobody seems to care what really happened.  Whatever they want to be the truth will become that truth (Kavanaugh is a serial predator, Ford is a serial liar).  Facts are irrelevant.  Especially those facts which don’t suit our narrative.

Incidentally one thing that came out in Garavelli’s article was a claim that Ford was ‘forced to publicly relive her ordeal’.  I read that and then remembered something from the hearing.   Ford testified that she was not offered a private hearing (the Senate were willing to fly to her).  She was.  Either she was lying under oath or her lawyers did not inform her of the offer.  They have apparently been reported for investigation…and so the show goes on.

4.  Tribalism is Endemic – Remember the good old days when Republican and Democrat just seemed to be two different shades of the same opinion?  Those days are long gone.  America is becoming a more divided society and seems to have forgotten the warning of Jesus that a house divided against itself will fall.   That is also seen on this side of the pond.  So I have had people say to me that if they don’t like a piece of news it can’t be correct and indeed must have come from an Alt-Right source.  The trouble is that the term Alt-Right has now just become code for ‘everyone who disagrees with me’.  On the other side there are those who refer to the Liberal mainstream media with the same dismissive contempt.  Nothing published in the New  York Times or the Guardian could possibly be correct!    The media have largely brought this upon themselves because they have become so partizan.  Even the so-called ‘quality’ papers are unlikely to print anything which goes against their pre-conceived narrative.  It’s why we so often have to look at alternative sources – and hope we can filter out the gold from the dross.

5.  Hypocrisy Rules –   Senator Cory Booker’s interrogation of Kavanaugh’s alleged teenage abuse was widely praised.  It now turns out that he himself admitted sexually abusing someone when he was a student at Stamford University. 

Meanwhile the Scottish First Minister was very quick to get in on the act and tweeted

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 12.57.38

Again – despite only seeing a few minutes, that did not stop our FM buying immediately into the narrative that this is about the white patriarchy.  The woman should always be believed.  The hypocrisy is breathtaking.  She has not taken the same stance about her erstwhile mentor and colleague, Alex Salmond, who has also been accused of abuse – not when he was a teenager, but when he was in power. (note again – I am not saying that he did it, or didn’t…I apply the same standards to him as to Mr Kavanaugh – innocent until PROVEN guilty).    Did Ms Sturgeon immediately tweet that the women must be believed?  Did she salute their courage and despair that they would have to endure such an ordeal?

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 15.42.43


Another hypocrite is Senator Feinstein from California. Not convinced that she is going to get Kavanaugh on the sexual assault claim, she is now claiming that his emotive reaction (aggressive and belligerent ) is enough to exclude him – yet she as a Senator interviewing him was aggressive and belligerent!



6.  The End of Civility means the End of Civilisation – This is one of the things that strikes me most about this ‘conversation’.  It’s abusive. It’s full of hatred.  Its irrational.  And it is incredibly bad-tempered and emotional.

“The important thing is that there is public outrage…that there is a larger political movement'”.  No the important thing is to find the truth.  Not what we believe according to our political beliefs – or gender.  If Kavanaugh had been found guilty and been let off – I could understand the reaction above..but this is people reacting to an accusation.  This is mob rule and mob justice.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 13.03.44Another example of this kind of irrational rage and hatred (and you can find it amongst Trump supporters as well) is seen in this tweet from a Professor at Georgetown University,  Christine Fair.  She advocates killing the Republican Senators, castrating them and feeding them to the pigs.  I’m not sure how this does not meet the hate speech rules and how she stays in a job…but hey this is modern America.  And right now that is a hard reality to face.

A couple of other blogs that I have found helpful and interesting.

Cranmers take on this is superb –

As I write, I am listening to an activist on the radio seeking to end ‘a culture of women being treated as liars’. They are not. They are treated precisely as any other person within a system of law that tries to be blind to everything but the facts. This is why the divisive hashtags #IBelieveHim and #IBelieveHer are so toxic. Your or my emotional response to how an individual presents their narrative must never be wholly determinative. It is one of the first things they teach you at law school. Some people present a lie very well; some tell the truth very badly. The opinion of the mob is fickle and can be manipulated as anyone who has read the story of Holy Week will appreciate.

The Rebel Priest Julian Gomes also has an interesting perspective-

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 15.22.33What we do know is that RMT psychobabble blended with feminist ideology is a toxic witches brew that is potent enough to destroy women and their fathers, brothers, husband and sons for years to come. It is a Kafkaesque substitute for justice, the presumption of innocence and the requirement for facts, evidence and corroboration in a court of law.

The whole thing is profoundly depressing and brings a real sense of despair.  But as a friend wrote me – who knows what the Lord may yet bring out of this?  Perhaps if Kavanaugh (a relatively moderate judge) is not appointed we might get someone who will help bring about the end of Roe v. Wade.  That would be a bigger and more wonderful event than the falling of the Berlin wall!

(After writing this I was pointed to this article from Effie Deans – brilliant!)

Let’s imagine I am scared that Jeremy Corbyn might become the next Prime Minister. Well what is to stop me searching for some woman who he went to school with or who he went on demonstrations with twenty, thirty or forty years ago. Eventually I might be able to discover one who is willing to say that in 1982 he groped her, or assaulted her or raped her. If only her testimony is enough to convict Mr Corbyn then my worries about him becoming Prime Minister are over. It isn’t even necessary that he should ever have met her. It’s only necessary that she says she did and that everyone believes her. Because women never ever lie.


  1. Thanks David for this thoughtful article. I fear there is more depressing information to come out before this saga ends. You are right to point to the bigger picture here – it is much bigger than who is appointed to the vacant seat on the Supreme Court.

    1. Allow me to add my praise for this very insightful (if not prophetic) article. Have always admired the Wea Flea’s cool and clear thinking in the expression of viewpoints. Thanks again for posting.

  2. Agree with all of this David – a very disturbing state of affairs and your analysis is as always cogent and pithy. Just a pity about the ‘witches brew’ comment in the Gomes piece. I realise he didn’t say the feminists were ‘witches’ but the phrase could be taken up and interpreted in this way, and lead some to make comparisons with earlier ages and (patriarchal) societies attempting to silence women through accusations of witchcraft.

  3. It is interesting how the accusations of sexual assault have been used in American history. During the Jim Crow days in the American South, one of the sure ways for an African-American to get lynched was for a white woman to accuse him of sexual assault/rape (perhaps the most famous case was that of Emmet Till, but there were many others over the years). In Durham, North Carolina, several years ago an African-American woman claimed that he had been raped by several members of the Duke University Lacrosse team. There was a witch hunt, complete with the District Attorney coming after these young men. Jesse Jackson got in on the show, and came down to show his support. It all turned out to be a lie (the DA did lose the next election, btw, given his behavior in this). The accuser herself is now in prison for the second degree murder of a boyfriend.

    All this is to say that if we are simply supposed to believe the accuser because she has made an accusation and must therefore be believed, then political correctness would demand that we must likewise alter the ending of Harper Lee’s classic novel “To Kill a Mocking Bird,” and proclaim that Tom Robinson must have surely been guilty…

    But yes, David, the situation here in the USA is profoundly divided, and all along abortion has been the real issue. The irony is that many of us who are pro-life saw Kavanaugh as more moderate that we would have chosen. The Left may well have “radicalized” him now by this spectacle.

    The danger is that we have already entered into a political climate characterized by the famous line from Lavrentiy Beria, Stalin’s longest lasting chief of the secret police: “Show the man and I will show you the crime.”

  4. It’s interesting that you preface this post with a warning that belief in something does not say anything about the truth of a matter and then promptly post that paragraph about abortion in which the clear implication is that the accusations by Ford have their root in her ties with a company which manufactures abortions pills.

    Does the author of that Spectator article really believe that Ford’s allegations have only been made in attempt to protect her business interests?

    I think the only thing that article demonstrates is that your minister friend has allowed his views on abortion to compromise his thinking on the subject of Ford and Kavanaugh.

    1. If you had read the whole of Mark Powell’s article you would have seen the relevance. If this had been a democratic appointment of a liberal judge and the accuser had been funded by the NRA you would have considered that relevant. Motivation is a key factor. This case has very little to do with sexual abuse – and everything to do with abortion – which has become the shibboleth issue on both sides. The author of the Spectator article does not state that Ford’s allegations have only been made in attempt to protect her business interests (why do you argue against what is not being said?).

  5. Really good broader look at the wider story. Sadly it has all the hall marks of a political ”hatchet” job by the Democrats. All parties can do this but if Brett is to be believed the FBI are likely to find zero evidence.

  6. To correct some factual inaccuracies

    1. Corcept Therapeutics make a drug which can be used for abortion, but they do not sell it as such and in their advice to doctors they say it should not be given to pregnant patients. Dr Ford has not worked for them for some time.

    2. If you read the link about Cory Brooker. He groped a girl at a party while they were snogging and stopped when she indicated that she was unhappy. He openly wrote about this over 20 years ago.

    Id suggest that that isn’t the same as attempting to rape someone or even close.

    Please consider doing extra fact checking on this subject otherwise you will be contributing to the world of Internet myths.

    1. 1) They make a drug which IS used for abortion. And they do sell it and it is used for such. Clearly an abortion drug should not be given to patients who are pregnant and want to stay so.

      2) I read the link about Cory Brooker and three others. He attempted sexually abusing someone when a student. It is different from being accused of something you say you have not done.

      And please don’t write on here and patronise me. I do a great deal of work reading and trying to fact check. If you are going to comment please don’t presume that the people you are commenting on are idiots.

      1. I’m sorry but the article you linked to about Cory Brooker contradicts your claims about him and several fact checking websites disagree with your assessment of the drug company.

        You either have not done fact checking properly or you are deliberately misleading people in your article. I would prefer to believe that you are mistaken rather than dishonest

      2. No – I did read the article….my claim is that he admitted to attempted sexual abuse (mild though it may be). His article states that.

        The drug company does produce a drug used for abortion – indeed it is the main drug used. Maybe you should check your fact checkers? Are you denying that this company produces RU-486?

        You are being petty to the point of obtuse. Don’t accuse me of deliberately misleading people….

  7. I’d also suggest that the demeanor required of a – supposedly non partisan – judge is very different than that required of a partisan politician.

    Ranting about your political enemies may be tolerated behaviour for a politician, but it won’t give confidence in a justice system if it is coming from a very senior judge.

    1. Another case of damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. If he remains calm and collected he’s a cold calculating white power man. If he gets upset he doesn’t have the demeanour required of a non-partizan judge.

  8. Thanks David, your article on “America’s Dispair” is absolutely spot on. Trial by mob is the normal now, how sad. Truth is optional. Dear Lord please save us from this madness.

  9. David, I have appreciated your posts on this and other topics.

    Corcept do sell RU-486. However their product is used to treat Cushing’s disease. It is not sold to induce an abortion. Pharmaceuticals can have more than one use and different companies can sell them for different uses.

    A different, unrelated, company sells RU-486 to induce abortions.

    Thus your sentence “The drug company does produce a drug used for abortion – indeed it is the main drug used, ” is true as it stands. However it would be false if it read, “The drug company does produce a drug ‘and the drug they produce is’ used for abortion – indeed it is the main drug used.”

  10. One of the problems is that because society over the last several thousand years has treated women as the property of their fathers then husbands, to be married off, only viewed as a wife, mother and care giver etc. So when accusations of assault are made society defaults to not believing the woman. Then the justice system boils it down to he said/she said or asking why didnt she report it or cry out or fight. The recent trial of the rugby players in Belfast was a horrific experience for the woman. It is the role of the QC to go over every detail of the rape to look for a variance in the story which casts doubt on her truthfulness. Its like being raped again. Which is why women dont report it.

    As you would put it, we live in a fallen world. Its just a shame that its so structured against women.

  11. There are actually good reasons to not support Kavanagh’s appointment. These centre on his role in promoting mass surveillance and his writing of the odious and misnamed Patriot Act. However, these allegations are no reason on which to base any vote as there is a lot of evidence to suggest they are made up.

    Toxic feminism has corroded the values on which society is based. If this seems a bit of an overstatement I suggest reading this article from RT USA. Three academics, under cover of the dense and impenetrable language used by feminism and post-modernism and much of the humanities, submitted a number of hoax papers to academic journals. The papers included a re-writing of Mein Kampf using radical feminist language, a paper on “canine rape culture” based on observations in a public park, getting the message on white privilege across to white male students by making them sit in classes in (light) chains (“the pedagogy of discomfort”) and – my favourite, “the conceptual penis as a social construct.”

    Worth a read of the entire article.

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