Quantum 22 – 2018 – End of Year Review

This is the last Quantum for 2018.   I wanted to do a review of the year but as I looked at the most popular blog posts for this year I realised that they covered most of the main issues so I thought I would combine the two. You can listen by clicking on the link below.  (there is a fair amount of music in this … Continue reading Quantum 22 – 2018 – End of Year Review

America’s Despair

My original piece on the Brett Kavanaugh fiasco, (America’s Disgrace) really stirred up the cesspit – as if it needed any stirring. (although to be fair a number of people also expressed appreciation).   Ironically the reaction to it kind of proves the points I was trying to make – the main one is simply that we don’t know what happened 35 years ago – and … Continue reading America’s Despair