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Praise and Preaching from St Peters – 29th July 2018 – Ps 83 and Romans 8:5-8

Psalm 83 is not the best known Psalm in the world – but we found it very appropriate last Sunday as we took communion.  Here is the recording of the whole service – I particularly enjoyed the singing of O the Deep, Deep Love and our traditional thanksgiving Psalm after Communion – Ps 24 to St Georges.  It was also a joy to welcome Margaret Hogg as a new member in the congregation.

Songs:  To God Be The Glory! Great Things He Has Done; Give Thanks To The Lord Our God And King; Psalm 83 vv.1-4, 13-18 (Sing Psalms);  O the deep deep love of Jesus
Readings:  Acts 5:17-42;  Psalm 105:1-22; Psalm 24:7-10 (Sing Psalms)
Sermon:  Psalm 83 The Silence of God

“Meanwhile let us live at peace with all men, as much as in us lies, and let us endeavor to practice uprightness in our whole deportment, that we may be able to confidently appeal to God, that when we suffer at the hands of men, we suffer wrongly” (Calvin).

In the evening we returned to Romans

Songs:  Who Has Held The Oceans In His Hands (Behold Our God); Psalm 28 (Sing Psalms); Facing a Task Unfinished (Getty); O For A Closer Walk With God (Stuart Townend)
Reading – 2Kings 16
Sermon: Romans 8:5-8 “Two Minds”

“Another reason why evangelicals may be reluctant to pursue the subject of spirituality is because they are single-minded about primary evangelism. The question is often’ what is the irreducible minimum of the gospel the unbeliever needs to hear?’ Rather than what is the fullness of the gospel God has revealed? their preoccupation with initial conversion may have led them to neglect growth in the Christian life. If this is so, then there is room for repentance, for God’s gospel is effective, not only to make new Christians, but also to produce mature Christians and mature churches.’ Peter Adam.

I found the evening service really hard – tiredness perhaps?  Or maybe something else?  But it is still the Word of God and I pray it will be blessed to us.


Romans 8 – The Freedom of the Good News; Proverbs 1 – Wisdom for Life (Sinclair Ferguson); Opticians in Burundi and Praise from St Peters


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