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Quantum 03 – The Wee Flea Podcast

1 | The Politics of Fear.

2 | Treating Adults like Children and Children like Adults.

3 | The gender madness continues…..

4 | The Attraction of Something you have no knowledge of.

5 | Angel Feathers.

6 | The Heresy Line – Rob Bell’s Interview on Premier Christianity.


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The Politics of Fear

Spiked – Brendan O’Neill  |  The Remainer politics of fear has become unhinged

Treating Adults like Children and Children like Adults.

Children in Scotland – Children and Young People’s Panel on Europe (Jun 2018 – Dec 2018)

The gender madness continues…..

BBC Radio 4 | PM – 1st August 2018

The Attraction of Something you have no knowledge of –

John Anderson | Facebook Clip from Conversations: with Niall Ferguson 
Full Interview – Conversations: Featuring Niall Ferguson MA, D.Phil, Senior Fellow, Stanford University

Angel Feathers

Trent Vineyard  |  Guest Speaker – Chad Norris – Evening service – 15th July 2018

The heresy line – Rob Bell’s Interview on Premier….

The Wee Flea  | Sound the Alarm – Bell (a review of Rob Bell’s Premier Interview)

Premier Christianity  |  The Rob Bell interview: Losing his audience, finding a new one and why he’s still preaching


  1. “The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) says that every child has the right to be heard in decisions that affect them.”
    “To ensure that this happens in Scotland, Children in Scotland is working in partnership with Together, the Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights to set up a Panel of children and young people to provide advice to the Scottish Government.
    The Panel will bring together a group of children and young people with a range of views to talk about the main issues for children and young people in relation to leaving the European Union.”
    Every child? Well I have a grand-daughter aged 7 months. No doubt she is already an expert on the consequences of Brexit. How many one-year olds will be on the panel? Or even five-year olds. Ten year olds? Remember, it’s “every” child.
    Three small queries. As no one yet has seen the Brexit deal that will be agreed between the EU and the UK, how will these so-well-informed children know what the consequences are going to be? Who will decide the members of the panel? How many members of the panel are going to be pro-Brexit?

  2. As for angel feathers it’s weird but is reported from a few different charismatic streams to happen occasionally. Weird stuff is found in the Bible as you know – talking donkeys, coins in fish’s mouth, walking on water, dead man raised by dead bones, the Spirit appearing as an animal, flames from people’s heads, fire from heaven etc etc. Angels appear pretty frequently in it. Daniel noted the angel that appeared to him was bright yellow (beryl) so why not blue?! He’s not pointing people to angels but to promote the Kingdom of God and telling them there is more to experience so press in. We needn’t be gullible but perhaps not too cynical either. There’s more than you or I have experienced.

    1. I’m sorry but I’m not that gullible…who says angels have feathers? And of course it is pointing to angels….it makes the whole Gospel a laughing stock…

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