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Quantum – The Wee Flea Podcast – 01

Vicky Beeching, Steve Chalke and the danger of the proposed ban on Conversion Therapy

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Vicky Beeching, Steve Chalke and Conversion Therapy

The Wee Flea  | Undivided – An Open Letter to Vicky Beeching

The Wee Flea  | The Soft and Hard Intimidation of the Church – A revealing 24 Hours…. 

ITV News  |  ‘Gay Cure Therapy’ – Paul Brand & Vicky Beeching – Monday 2nd July 2018

Sky News  |  Vicky Beeching discusses her new book UNDIVIDED, 18th June 2018

Steve Chalke  |  Chalke Talk 36 – Banning conversion therapy is still in danger of missing the heart of the issue

Twitter Abuse standards in Scottish Politics

The National  |  North Ayrshire Tory councillors quit Twitter after row over offensive posts

The Dundee Courier  |  Children’s convener issues climbdown over expletive-laden Twitter outbursts

NHS Doctor fired for not using transgender pronouns.

ITV This Morning  |  Doctor Who Refuses to Acknowledge Gender Choice Challenged by Trans Woman  | One word ended Dr David Mackereth’s 26-year career. Now he wants to have his say.

US Episcopal Church expands Gay Marriage

The Christian Post  |  Episcopal Church Expands Gay Marriage to All Dioceses Where Bishops Object

Sadiq Khan and Free Speech

BBC  |  The Andrew Marr Show 15/07/2018

Premier  |  Blackpool Transport bans Franklin Graham event ads

Sir Cliff Richard and the BBC

BBC  |  Cliff Richard: Singer wins BBC privacy case at High Court

Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro

The Daily Wire  |  Sunday Special Ep 10: Dennis Prager

Unemployed Angels

Angel Seer, Lorna Byrne at the Marble Collegiate Church in NYC



  1. Hello Pastor David,

    I’m a retired pastor/missionary, originally from Hyde, Cheshire (AOG) but now living in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. (PAOC)

    I am so thankful that I have found your Blog and I’m able to actually read things that I am in full agreement with. I am at the beginning stages of writing a book on ‘How Christians should respond to the issues of the day.’ I’m calling the book; “Without Wavering.” taken from Hebrews 10:23. NKJV.

    I read your thoughts and comments yesterday on ‘The Hard and Soft Intimidation of the Church’ and wanted to thank you. Several times I have sent letters to our local news paper in response to the extreme and nasty comments aimed at anyone with a conservative point of view, especially about abortion. I just can’t allow them to say what they want without giving the Christian response, of course from a gracious and loving heart. As you know already, the abusive attacks we receive is supposed to have a chilling effect on us to shut us up completely, but as you say, that is not going to happen. Thank you once again brother for your courage and honesty with yourself and with your readers.

    I pray the Lord’s richest blessing and anointing over you and your family.

    (Alan Slater)

    Sent from Windows Mail

  2. This education convener in Dundee seems to be very concerned with his self-identification as non-binary and the pronouns to be used. Perhaps because it is the only thing keeping him in office?

    He’s talking about women who are protesting male appropriation of the concepts “woman” and “lesbian”.

    Woman means adult human female. Lesbian means a female attracted to other females. Female is belonging to the sex class characterised by the XX chromosomes and the ability to gestate children. Nothing controversial there.

    One of the things these women are calling out is the male-to-trans “lesbian” branding them transphobic/bigoted/hateful/terfs et cetera when the woman states that she won’t be having sexual relations with any male and/or rejects such advances. Some male-to-trans are actually expecting these women to want relations with them and harassing them in the process. That’s not right.

    The intemperate language is the least of the trouble if Dundee actually has a politician, in a convener’s post, protesting women’s protests of unwanted sexual attention and harassment due to their rejection of it. If that is the case any other male would be booted out already and still flying through the air. There is nothing special about this one.

    Sajid Javid: there is a petition to him on, “When men are arrested charge the crime as a male crime not by their self-identified gender”.

    Angels: no angel (at least those on the right side of eternity) would be begging for attention, would it? I’d imagine that every last one is fully employed. What an odd concept, angels sat about twiddling their thumbs!

    1. Two things that have since occurred to me:

      1. Aren’t people who encounter angels generally terrified?

      2. I was talking about Sajid Javid, you were talking about Sadiq Khan. Ooops!

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