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Freedom and Slavery – Romans 7 and Philemon – Worship and Sermons from St Peters

Last Sunday we continued to look at Romans

“In the old order we were married to the law and controlled by the flesh, and we bore fruit for death, whereas as members of the new order we are married to the risen Christ and liberated from the law, and we bear fruit for God. We need then to keep a watch on ourselves and others, lest we should ever slip back from the new order into the old, from a person to a system, from freedom to slavery, form the indwelling Spirit to an external code, from Christ to the law. God’s purpose is that we should be New Testament Christians who, having died and risen with Christ, are living in the freedom of the indwelling Spirit” – John Stott

Here is the full morning service –

Songs:  Praise my soul, the king of heaven;
Everlasting God
Be Thou My Vision
Psalm 104:1-9 (Sing Psalms)

Man Of Sorrows (Hillsong Worship)

Romans 7:14-25 Good and Evil in Me

You can hear the whole service below –  if you want to hear the sermons only go to the St Peters website sermons section 

2nd Century Mosaic of Roman slaves in Tunisia


In the evening we looked at the question of slavery –

Songs – O Praise The Name (Anastasis) (Hillsong Worship)
Psalm 22:25-31 (Sing Psalms)
O Love That Will Not Let Me Go (George Matheson)
Man of Sorrows (Hillsong Worship)

Philemon:  What does the Bible say about slavery?

Real freedom is not just from physical slavery – but also from economic, emotional, psychological and spiritual. That is of course why Jesus came – to set the prisoners free. It is freedom from sin and all it’s consequences. And it begins within.

Romans 7 – Sin and Law; Running with the Horses; Chrysostom, Psalm 62


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