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The Cross, the Temple and the Gospel – Sinclair Ferguson, Andy Robertson and John Owen

Last Sunday was apparently quite a special one in St Peters – if you listen to the two services you will hear why – Sinclair’s sermon on the Cross is stunning, as is Andrew’s on Ezekiel.  What struck me about both is that not only were they deeply biblical and faithful to the text, they were passionate and full of pathos and emotion.  This is not an arid intellectualism nor a mindless emotionalism – this is just passionate preaching of Christ.  Enjoy …

Sinclair on John 19:31-42 – “Dead and Buried”

Andrew on Ezekiel 40-48 – “A Glorious New Dwelling”

As I listen to these I feel a wee bit sorry for my poor congregation as I return to preaching today for the first time in over three months.    Value prayer.

Finally something I read from John Owen this morning:



“A man may want liberty, and yet be happy, as Joseph was; a man may want peace, and yet be happy, as David was; a man may want children, and yet be blessed, as Job was; a man may want plenty, and yet be full of comfort, as Micaiah was; – but he that wants the gospel, wants every thing that should do him good. A throne without the gospel is but the devil’s dungeon.  Wealth without the gospel is fuel for hell.  Advancement without the gospel is but a going high to have the greater fall” (From a sermon Owen gave to the House of Commons on 29th April 1646)



Right Royal Preaching


  1. Fell asleep during Sinclair Ferguson’s sermon. But that is a compliment! I needed it and it was so edifying and peace inducing. Of course, I’ll listen to it fully awake.
    But, my O my, what a Spirit affecting rendition of Were there?

  2. Hi. I just listened to Sinclairs sermon and was richly blessed. I also love his tone of voice also. Thankyou for putting these on email . Tracey haire

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