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Better than Hillsong – some great Aussie Worship Songs

One of the great strengths of Australian Christianity is its creativity.  The most famous are of course Hillsong – who, to be fair, have provided some great music.

But there is a little known group called City Alight  from St Pauls, Castlehill Anglican Church in North Sydney who have produced some stunning songs which are very suitable for congregational worship.   None more so than my song of the moment.  This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard or sung.


We heard this following song sung more than any other – again its beautiful theological worship –


And this one was sung in Katoomba – and is a great Easter hymn.

Finally there is this beautiful hymn which is just made for congregations who can sing without instruments!   We have used and love it in St Petes…



I don’t normally buy worship albums – but we could not come home without buying their album – Only a Holy God.   Highly recommended.   I hope that all four songs above (and perhaps others) become as much a part of the staple diet in the Free Church (and others) as the excellent Getty/Townsend material so many of us use – it really is that league.




  1. Hi david

    Firstly welcome back, it sounds like you have had an amazing time

    Secondly, thank you so much for introducing us to these incredible songs, I will certInly be using them here in Blairgowrie and plan to download both albums .



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  2. Why don’t we sing happy songs in church nowadays, and why are all these churches dark places (that is, no natural daylight)? These questions bother me because thousands of traditional hymns are easy to learn, have uplifting tunes and they encourage and embolden us. But most ‘worship’ songs today (with the exception of the great Stuart Townend) are moody and repetitive despite having great lyrics.

    My second question relates to the buildings and auditoria we see on so many of these videos. They are essentially theatres where the windows are blacked out and artificial light replaces God’s wonderful sunlight. That just seems wrong to me.

  3. What a songs of praise to wake up to on a Saturday morning . The velux windows are open wide , and it’s Summer in my heart !

  4. Amen! We at Grace Church Orkney adopted Grace as our song of the year in 2017. Just one question – in Christ is Mine Forevermore, is there a risk that “For His love is my reward” sounds a bit like works based salvation?

    1. To me, it was that Christ is my reward was going back to the gospel of desiring God not desiring things from God that I desire. He Himself and His love is my reward. I understand what you’re saying, but the whole song is Christ is my joy and treasure. I think their “reward” meant that it is not the things that Christ gives me but He is my reward.

  5. David, thank you for this post. I so much enjoyed listening to Christ is mine forevermore as I began the day in preparation for leading God’s people in public worship. I look forward to getting the album and listening to all the songs on it.

  6. CityAlight’s first album Yours Alone is also well worth a listen. It was encouraging that Only A Holy God was just as strong (if not stronger) than their first album.

  7. Just discovered and started listening.
    These are truly anointed worship songs with theological depth suited for congregation singing.
    They add the dimension to our praise and worship that has been lacking for some time.
    Im looking forward to using these songs in our services.

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