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Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

There are a number of stories that have come up which show just how far down the rabbit hole to cultural madness we have gone.  I will leave the ones from Australia for another time – but here are a few from the rest of the English speaking West…..

  1. London Cyclists are too white, male and middle class.  According to The Independentcycle-commute-work“Too few women and people from ethnic minority groups cycle in London and more must be done to promote diversity among a largely white, male and middle class biking community, the city’s walking and cycling commissioner has said.Grand schemes, such as the Cycle Superhighway network of partially-segregated routes linking the suburbs with the centre, are too often perceived as simply a way of getting “middle-aged men cycling faster around the city”, Will Norman acknowledged. He said he was considering setting diversity targets for London’s cycling population to ensure progress was achieved.”No this is not a parody…this is reality in todays world….please stop and make it go away!

2/.  NHS Boss thinks its great that nearly 2 million people might want to change their gender – According to the Daily Telegraph  the medical director for specialist services in Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 07.23.41the NHS expects the demand for transgender operations to increase because the NHS are now providing the service.  He apparently thinks this is a good thing – “”It’s got to be a good thing is that there are people out there that want to explore their gender. The fact that it’s in the younger age group has got to be a good thing.”.  Just why it HAS to be a good thing – he doesn’t say.   On the other hand we do know that it is going to cost the NHS millions – catering to a psychological illness/political ideology which has no substantive basis in either medicine or science.  But hey – we all know the NHS has got money to burn and no patient will suffer because of this misuse of resources.

3. Meanwhile in the Regime that Scotland is becoming, some headteachers are falling 4CCDF72F00000578-5794361-Melissa_Watson_with_children_Leo_Watson_and_Clive_Carroll_outsid-a-3_1527842555579over themselves to prove just how PC and with it they are.  In my own city of Dundee a Primary School has been the first to get an LGBTI silver star for being LGBTI ‘friendly’.  The Scottish government so distrusts all its MSPs that they all have to undergo training to prevent sexual harrassment!  And in Inverness a headteacher has banned boys and girls only races in Primary sports – after receiving guidelines from Highland Regional Council on how to be trans friendly.   Yep you read it right.  Now boys and girls have to compete together (I told you this would really damage women’s sport!)….Maybe next in the name of equality we should issue puberty blockers for everyone – so we can all be equal!  Even the LGBTI spokesperson found it strange –

Morgan Cowley, former chairman of the Highland LGBTI forum which campaigns for the fair treatment of all LGBTI people, said: ‘I think introducing non-gender specific sports days into schools is rather a clumsy way of trying to address the crux of the matter within our schools, which is promoting respect for one another and celebrating difference.

‘There are undoubtedly more astute ways of doing this and what Merkinch Primary is doing seems to be increasing conflict rather than reducing it.

‘Trying to promote nongender specific sports into schools at this point in our society’s development, when the whole world celebrates and enjoys gender-specific sport at the highest levels, seems a hard sell.’


4. Twitter bans feminist group who say that transwomen are not women – for hate speech.   The BBC reported that a feminist group has been banned from Twitter for arguing that transwomen are not women…  According to Twitter this is what now constitutes ‘hatespeech’ in their bizarre version of the world.


5. Finally I was sent this clip – which I honestly thought was a spoof – but having done some checking – this is for real.  Canada is probably at the bottom of the pit (and this is from The Pit)  when it comes to madness…this one will be hard to beat – but doubtless by next week someone will have managed to go even lower!  Remember when we were ridiculed and abused for saying that the removal of section 28 would lead to children being indoctrinated into gay ideology?  What do you call this?


Immediately after writing this I came across this from the Telegraph   “Emmerdale introduces first transgender character: Hannah Barton returns as Matty” – The indoctrination continues.

Ps. Since writing this I have been sent by several people this  letter from the headmistress of the Markinch school .  It certainly puts a different perspective – or does it?  Whilst there is indignation I’m not precisely sure what is being denied….


  1. Did that women, putting side the indoctrination of ‘Pride’ just tell 5 yr olds? that she watched a film with a nude woman in it many times… this is horrible!

    the little girl who of course is just concerned about being a flower girl.. when she talked about coming out the closest, that is the level these poor wee children should be talking at.. not having two mummies or daddies, the perverseness of this astounds me.

    MAD MAD World… Let kids be kids

  2. The heavily edited you tube clip from Canada is not only child abusive , it’s secular , self centred and shocking . Riki Martin , and the other named apostles of gender bender are to be held up as the norm in a world that has indeed lost its way ? Even in the secular words of Littlejohn , “You couldn’t make it up ” or “Here we go Lu be lu ” doesn’t go far enough .

    Matt 18 v 6 “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.
    The words of Jesus .

  3. Calling sin okay doesn’t make it okay in God’s eyes. It just makes us foolish. I am so sorry for the children being indoctrinated to accept sin because they only learn what they are told. Some have not only fallen for the lie, but some are propagating it. What a sad commentary on the state of the world!

  4. Hello -I enjoyed reading your blog as always but not sure the Inverness courier wrote an accurate story about Merkinch sports day. Letter from head mistress published on highland council website as courier refused to publish it says maybe Courier was not entirely true. Personally I agree the world is mad mad mad and the LGBQTI XYZ crowd and there do good supporters have a lot to answer for – keep up the writing. I find it informative and inspiring – Thanks Christine

      1. Just my observation. To me it’s fairly obvious. They sure are ready to pounce on those perfect to a jot and tittle answers.

  5. Canada’s priorities are anything but straight (surprised she got away with that phrase) but the comments and thumbs down on YouTube give some hope.

    Another topical, but altogether more sensible, Canadian offering going viral – dealing with the magical birth canal.

    What even is a non-gender specific race? It’s not as though all trouser wearing girls run in one race and the skirt wearers in another. Because gender has nothing to do with biology, right? The goalposts are shifted more often than in a playground football game.

  6. Although we must pray for a”turning of the tide” in our land and God in His mercy may answer our prayers, I think it’s true what someone said, “The Lord allows evil to occur by simply removing His protection from those who choose to ignore, abandon or counter Him.”
    As John Dryden wrote, “For those whom God to ruin has design’d, He fits for fate, and first destroys their mind.”

  7. In other news the chairman of Rangers FC has declared that too few of the team’s supporters are female and not enough come from minority groups. He has asked all the supporters to bring along a Catholic to the next match at Ibrox and has banned the waving of Union flags. Male supporters will only be admitted if accompanied by a female. He has also announced that the club’s next signing must be a transsexual and that this ‘female’ must be admitted to the same bath as the other players. None of this is true, of course, but who’s to say it can’t ever happen.

  8. In respect of item 3, I am the schools worker at Merkinch, and the story published by the Inverness Courier was highly irresponsible and damaging, and Mr Cowley’s comments were based on the misleading article. Even Piers Morgan had a go at the school!! The school and many of us asked Inverness Courier to issue an apology, which they never.
    I work with this school and they are a hard working school in a difficult area, the decision for mixed events was not based on HC LGBT guidelines, maybe you could remove that part of your article to avoid any further confusion. Thank you

  9. No response? What you published David is sensationalist and fake news, something you ironically oppose.

    1. NOt really – I looked at the headteachers letter – she did not really repudiate what the newspaper article claims or the basic facts – other than say the policy was not in response to Highland Council guidelines – that was just coincidence. The basic facts of what was done remain the same.

      1. Why should she repudiate a provocative news story, she stated why she did the sports day the way she did, and yet you feel the authority to disagree with her and believe what is essentially fake news. Sports Day is a horrible exercise that fails to be competitive in any sense. Year on year pupils of lesser sporting ability are made to carry the shame of being slow or overweight by finishing a distance last, whilst the fast and furious win the medals.
        This move just levelled the playing field. Sport is different, as in the main, people race according to their ability, in men’s and women’s fields.
        This headteacher should be commended for doing something that showed compassion and empathy in great measure, and was more akin to the Kingdom of Heaven than the event she changed. Like she said, it was nothing to do with any directive.

  10. Ohhhh my gosh… I am just astounded by that YouTube video. It is amazing what were doing to our children these days and hence why were choosing to homeschool. I have no cable and we do not watch modern day toons due to the political corruption and views that have taken fourth in it. I am astonished and I wished more people would see the wrongdoing in this….

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