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An Astonishing Sermon (s)

I had the enormous privilege of hearing a quite extraordinary sermon last Sunday.  It was in St Thomas’s Anglican church in North Sydney and was on the occasion of the Anzac service.  Simon Manchester had decided to continue with his series on Song of Solomon – how was he going to fit that into this Remembrance service?  Please listen to it…and you will see what an extraordinary job he did.  This photo is of Simon after the service with his grandfathers bugle from the First World War, which was used during the service.


Apparently this download does not work well – so you can just get the link here 

For some reason I was not able to download the services from St Peters from last Sunday but they were also excellent…in particular you should listen to the childrens address in the morning where little Bethany took over from Bob Akroyd, and the evening sermon from Andrew Robertson, beginning a new series on Ezekiel – the links are here – 

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  1. Hi David

    Loving your posts while your down under, sadly the link to Simons sermon doesn’t seem to be Working

    Might be my iPad but not sure


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  2. Thank you for posting this. Have seen + heard him at the Keswick convention. Some years ago it was on Biblical Theology with reference to Goldsworthy.
    Having bought and read , “Saving Eutychus,” by Gary Millar and Phil Campbell on preaching, which is well endorsed, this is the first time that I’ve heard anyone preach in a way recommended in it: use the present tense when relating the narrative. Here SM uses the present tense almost exclusively, throughout and there is an immediacy , that is not common.

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